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e-Q7 > RE1 > Triple.Fi 10 > Super.Fi5 Pro = RE0 > ER6i > Apple IEM (1st version) > other cr@ppy OEM type IEMs

edit: I added a couple I forgot about, and I want to add that my ranking combines SQ and enjoyment.
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w2 > hf5 = dtx100 > dtx80 > s4 = sf3 = dtx60 > er6 > sa1 > cx55 > se102 > m6 > cx400ii > cx300 > ed21 > ibuds > others
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CK10>ER4S>ER4P>X5>lots of rubbishy bass-heavy jobs invariably bought from Argos with no idea what I was doing>stock Apple earphones>the ones I got free the other day with a cd storage case. They should carry a health warning.
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ck10>fx700>e-q7>ck100>er4p>se530>ie8>ie7>x10>x5>custom3>tf10>fx 500>c710>mdr-ex700>ck90pro (umodded)...and a bunch of other mostly sub $100 ones not worth mentioning.
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TF10>RE0>HF5>Klipsch C2>marshmallows>cx300>ibuds>koss plug>$2 buds bought at grocery.

(Although not IEM, I would put ksc-75 about equal with the klipsch.)
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In terms of enjoyment when listening to music:
IE8 > UE TF10 > Shure 210 > Ety HF5 > Klipsch Image S4 > Sennheiser CX-300

In terms of details alone:
Ety HF5 > UE TF10 > IE8 > Shure 210 > S4 > CX-300
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Sennheiser IE7 > Shure E2c > Sennheiser CX400-II > Sennheiser CX 300-II > V-Moda Vibe > Sennheiser CX300 > Sony MDR-EX71
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Originally Posted by javajive View Post
ck10>fx700>e-q7>ck100>er4p>se530>ie8>ie7>x10>x5>custom3>tf10>fx500>c710> ck90pro (umodded)...and a bunch of other mostly sub $100 ones not worth mentioning.
Wow! CK10 trumps the FX700, e-Q7, and CK100 for you!

I won't do a full ranking, but here is my current ranking (for SQ) of what I think is the top of what I own (and have on hand):

GR8 = Copper = CK90Pro (modded) = RE252 = CK10

All are very different, but very good at what they do, and I don't have a consistent preference, but like to switch between them often!
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well for those who like the CK10 they seem to really like it joe myself included of course
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Originally Posted by rawrster View Post
well for those who like the CK10 they seem to really like it joe myself included of course
I hear ya, and I am a CK10 supporter (as I am sure you know). My post has been edited. I can listen to the CK10 for extended periods of time, but initially didn't put it there due to the GR8/e-Q7s better transparency, while offering much the same. To my ears, of course.
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Just have a quick glance through from the first post, and I realised that most posted their ranking without stating whether it is based on sound quality or preferance The title doesn't mention whether to rank IEMs in sound quality or personal preference too...

@ethan961, sorry to use yours as example without permission In my opinion @ethan961's ranking is the best example, to rank in both preference and sound quality.

Originally Posted by ethan961 View Post
Well, this is an old thread, but I might as well.

Fischer Audio DBA-02 > Westone 2 >= Fischer Audio Eterna ~ Phonak PFE >= RE0 ~ Fischer Audio SBA-01 ~ Fischer Audio Sigma V.2 > Atrio M5 > JVC Air Cushions.

Note that this is in order of preference, not SQ. SQ would be:

Fischer Audio DBA-02 ($160) > Westone 2 ($215-250) > Phonak PFE ($130) > RE0 ($79) > Fischer Audio SBA-01 ($85) > Fischer Audio Eterna ($67.49) > Atrio M5 ($200 retail, $100 street) > Fischer Audio Sigma V.2 ($30) >> JVC Air Cushions ($20).
As for me, for sound preference:

Sound quality wise:
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Haven't really owned much but,

HJE900(CZs) > S4i > ADDIEM > JBUDS J2 > Stock Apple
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From an objective SQ perspective, both the FX700 and the e-q7 probably do more things better than the CK10 than the other way around but only by a relatively narrow margin IMO.

But SQ alone should not be the sole factor in determining ranking IMO. I also think that comfort and fatigue are also important factors as what good is SQ if one can`t enjoy it fully for as long as one wants? And for my ears, the CK10 beats the e-q7 in terms of comfort and forgetting that there is a physical object in one`s ears by a very wide margin just as it beats the FX700 in being non or less fatigueing also by a very wide margin.
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Originally Posted by Louis8ball View Post
@BennyBoy: LOL --- I think you're in the wrong thread, man. Ummmm, well you know there actually IS a discussion thread which highlights the top WORST IE's you've ever listened to. . .but I don't think this is supposed to be that forum =]
Ha. Yeah, I saw that thread. But my ranking stands - until I got those X5s, my ears were pretty much victims of abuse by what passes for acceptible earphones these days. Now I have the majestic CK10s, I realise the error of my ways and lie awake at night crying for all the violence I have inflicted on my poor canals over the years. There should be a confession booth in this forum.
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