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Akg k3003-ultrasone iq (demo)-sony xba4-klipsch custom 3-qjays

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Here's my new list of my favorite top 10 in order (some will be in a different order than what's in my signature, I just don't want to mess with changing it)



SM3 V2 > e-Q5 >= BA200 > e-Q7 > RE262 > X10 = TF10 > GR07 > Heaven IV > Heir 3.Ai



You may notice the R-50 isn't on there but it would be right behind the 3.Ai.  I'm just into a much more midrange sound now and not the analytical sound of the R-50 though I still think the R-50 is a great IEM especially for the money.

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ATH CK10, no doubt about it the best ive heard

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revised, sorta:


triple Fi.10>MTPcopper>HF5>brainwavzB2>er6i>MTmilesdavis>turbine>phiaton PS210>addie>>>marshmallows>apple earbuds= crappy headphones that came with my cell phone>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>american airlines earbuds, ewww.



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Heir 8.A > Heir 4.Ai > SE535 LTD > UM2 > Westone 1


I literally can only remember these, the rest of the IEMs I've heard aren't really in my sound memory bank any more :P

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Of the stuff I've listened to in the past few months: most favorite on top.

Tralucent 1plus2
Sony MDR 7550
Logitech UE900
Sony EX600
Philips Fidelio S2

The difference between the 1plus2 and the others is the biggest jump. But they're all quite good.

In previous years I've owned the westone 3 and triple Fi 10 but its been so long I can't say where they would fit on this list - aside from knowing they wouldn't beat the Heir 4ai or the 1plus2 in my book.
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As it stands right now:


Sennheiser IE80

Aurisonics Asg-2
Sennheiser IE8

Westone 3


Sony xb90ex
Westone UM3X

Sennheiser IE800

JVC fx700
Atrio M5
Denon C300

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SHE3850>CKM-55>E10>Isurus(I'd rate higher but they were very sibilant. Most detailed though)>CX150>Apple Earpods>>>Marley in ear(forgot model, one of the cheapest)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Some 5$ maxells

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Tg334>ie800~Ultrasone iq>ie80~ue900~w4(different strength)>xba 40 ~535~um3x~x10~ie8>mmdt>denon c400>ie7>fxz200>image s4 ref.~w1~215>cx300II>cx200~earpod>other cheap cheap iem(samsung, lg...)
not order by favorite sound signature
~ means same level
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i own half, some are my classmate and brother.
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Of the 10 heard most recently:

Heir > ASG-1.2 > RE262 > B2 > EPH-100 > XBA-4 > IE8 > EXS X10 > XBA-1 = GR06

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Rockit R50 > DUNU DN23 = VSonic VC02 > Astrotec AM-90 > AWEI ES800M > Brainwavz R1 > Monoprice 8320 > XKDUN CK820 > JBM MJ700 > Sony MDR-EX10LP = MDR-EX33 > XKDUN CK700 > Earpollution Plugz > Coby Jammerz

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Heir Audio 8.A




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Top 10:


BA200=CK10>XBA-40>RE-400>XBA-30>GR07 MK2>RE0>ER6i>B2>TF10

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