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Westone UM2(broken frown.gif ) > Sony MDR-EX500 == Hippo Boom > Meelectronics A151
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Originally Posted by jmvdigital View Post

Slightly off topic, but I'm curious for all you guys that own a whole bunch of 'phones at one time, how do you decide which ones to listen to? Do you have a favorite pair or two and the rest just collect dust, or do you cycle through them for fun, or do you literally pick up a different pair depending on what type of music you're listening to? I'm no where near as fanatical about my audio (nor have the funding for this type of experimentation), so I'm just curious. :) 

Different sound signatures gives diversity and different usages. I use my UM2 for most listening as they're the best I have for general listening, whereas with electronic(or bass-heavy music/video) I like to go with the Hippo VB which has an obscene amount of bass. When I work out I use the Hippo VB as well since they provide the bass to hold a beat whereas my UM2 has less, more refined bass.
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made a posting here a few months back. Just an update


DBA-02 = B2 > ER4S (amped)>Eterna v.2>UE SF5 pro>RE0>Hippo VB>Ety MC3>other cheaper IEMs


DBA-02 sounds more or less the same as B2 so they're equal. I have an ER4P with a 75ohm transforming it to ER4S. ER4P (unamped) would probably come behind the RE0. I just find the sound too veiled. I prefer the ER4S amped (FiiO E7) but still place it behind the DBA and B2.

Would love to rank the RE0 higher but I really find a hard time getting a good seal with them even with different kinds of tips. Very poor isolation.

The MC3 sounds too thin and unexciting for my taste. Tried using an amp but not much improvement.


Source: CowonS9/Sansa clip + with/without FiiO E7 amp (not the best amp there is but adequate to reveal the differences)

Music genre:  electronic, trance, new age (mostly instrumental)

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W4 > TripleFi > Image X5 >= HF3 >= SE530* > V-Moda Vibe > CX300 = Apple my ears


Obviously not a comprehensive assessment but I love the straightforwardness of it...all the adjectives get overwhelming at times.


I've not owned the shures so not a fair comparison (not vested/attached) but auditioned them quite a bit and went with the X5s.  I am always disappoint with how much shures sound doesn't suit my taste. The Etys are also technically equivilant to at least the klipsch but i love the X5s sound.

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JH16 Demo ≈ JH13 Demo > JH11 > TripleFi 10 > HF3 ≈ Image S4 > Marshmallows

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FX-700 > SM2 > SM3 > IE8 > W3 > ATRIO

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GR07 = B2 >= CK10 > IE8 >= E4C >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SE215

It's hard to compare IEMs with different characteristics so simplistically. GR07 and B2 are quite different but I love them both. Obviously for different reasons.

One thing that's not difficult to judge is how horrible the SE215 is to my ears
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UM3X > W4 > SE535 >> ER-4S 

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1-5 points:

Monster Turbine Pro Gold -5 points (very effortless and warm, very good sound stage)

Radius HP TWF11 - 4,5 points little under MTPG

Ultimate ears 700 -4,5 points with harshness in treble


Altec lansing muzx 406 -  3,5 points. it has not so coherent sound as others above. Bass heavy, fairly good soundstage. ipod touch could not drive it and it needs more juice from portable amp, although it is iphone compatible with mic and remote.


sound magic pl30 - 3,5 points. it is though very good for a not demanding audiophile, very good soundstage but details retrieval is not outstanding, much simplified sound. 

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RE-272 >> RE-252 > EQ-5 > RE-262 > RE-ZERO

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Shure SE215>Bose IE1>Meelec M6P>Skullcandy Titan>Apple iBuds


Forgive me for this wimpy list, I'm a noob

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K3003>>PFE232>>ASG-1(filtered)>>>>B2=GR07>fxt90>M5 mg7>>381F>8320>ck-700=S4i>bose IE

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TF10X6 >TF10 >MTPC >Super Fi 3


haven't tried that many IEMs... actually haven't tried that many headphones at all.. I think my list will remain like this for very long time.. simply because I find full-size cans more natural...

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Vsonic GR07 are very good on any source, let's think about iPod.

W4 are good with Apple too, but on a powerful source they sounds better, but it is hard to find a really good powerful device to get a good synergy with them.

535 sometimes too bright, but they are very good phones.

W3 are very melodical with good soundstage, vocals, details, but also they need Teclast T51 to get a portable heaven or some another powerful lil bright source.

IE8/80 loves warm powerful sources, really great big sound with really natural 3D + on a big soundstabe.

ER4P super neutral + million details. Needs a warm powerful source to show all their potential. They are really top tier phones.

UM3X are great melodical iems, instrumental separation with a good space plus lot of details. 

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UM3XRC = W4R > SE535 > SM3 > SE425 = IE8

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