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Haven't heard much, but here goes, and I own or have owned all of them except for the skull candies
Sennheiser IE8
Shure E4g(threw out ;(, bad cable beyond repair in and out of warranty)
Philips IDK's(as in I don't know, had noise cancellation, got broke on a plane anyways due to clumsy me)
JVC Marshmallows(decent, stored)
Various Skullcandy trash
Shoppers Drug mart brand lol, maybe Centrios(gone)
Terrible unknown brand, a very well known company but to bad recognize for audio(moms)
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W3 with UM-56 tips > W3 > SE530 >> SE310 > Bass Freq (gym) >> Shure e2c (gym) > iPod earbuds
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Start from less good, to best

1. ibuds (after someone stole my ck7, had to use these) sounded like a ****ty speaker put into a cardboard box
2. 30USD Cresyn in ears. My first in ears, my sister still uses these to jog. Showed me what a decent pair of earphones can do
3.Mylar x3. 3rd earphone Great value. Bijou & shrooms offer similar value.
4. ATH CK7. 2nd earphone Very solidly built, much nicer bass.
5. Livewires (dual, 2007). 4th earphone The most realistic in-ears I've heard to date.
5. TF 10. Bought as a gift. Really like the increased soundstage.

Jh 16 is not on the list, because I have not heard it yet. But it better be No.6!
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1a. MTP Coppers
1b. Ortofon e-Q7
2. Shure SE530
3. Westone UM3X
4. Sennheiser IE8
5. Klipsch X10

Klipsch S4

V Moda Vibes
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Originally Posted by silverkaze View Post
i see a lot of people rank re0 before other good iems, is this ranking based on re0 after amped? I have a pair of re0 and is not enjoying it as much as a lot of people here, wondering if re0 with amp would really make a difference?
I'm with you there, FOTM IMHO not for everyone, I much preferred my RE1s to my RE0s
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The RE2/SE115v2/NE6 were a close race in total quality but very distinct sounding from each other. The Meelectronics M6 simply the best bang for the buck of all these, really impressive.
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Monster Turbine > >Playaz N1 > > > > way way over there > maxell stereo earbud EB-125
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Sennheiser IE8
Westone UM3X
Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10
Klipsch Custom 3
Klipsch Image X5
Klipsch Image X10
Sennheiser IE7
Westone 3
Monster Turbines
Shure SE530
Westone 1
Klipsch Image S4
Apple IEM
Shure SE310
Sennheiser CX500
Shure SE420
Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 200
Soundmagic PL11
Sennheiser CX400
Sennheiser CX300-II
Shure E3C
Shure SE110
Philips SHE9700
Shure E2C
JVC HA-FX33 Marshmallows
Creative EP-630
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Westone 3 custom tips >> Westone 3 modded tri-flanges > Westone 3 complys > Phonak Audeo PFE >> Altec Lansing UHP306 > SoundMagicPL30 > Westone 3 single flange tips(Unberiable sibilance, headadge on midbass) >> stock ipod earbuds.

I've put westone 3 multiple times cause it's extremely tip depended.
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UE Super.Fi 3 Studio >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Geniune Creative EP-630 > Apple iBuds > Fake Creative EP-630
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UM2>PX100>sf 3>ibud
post #133 of 1082 10>W2>CZ900>Denon 751>NE7m>ADDIEM>Vibes
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TF10 > RE0 > S4 > ADDIEM > UE SuperFi 4 > V-moda Vibes > Bose IE
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MTPC>>>>MTP>UE 700>MLJ>>>>>>Sony MDP E828LP>Philipps ??>Apple
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