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Haha --- Well, that's cool. At least you're in the same category with everyone else here who can actually afford to own the CK10's. Last time I checked, I seem to recall they were being sold retail in between $230 - $350. A little bit out of my price range, to say the least
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i see a lot of people rank re0 before other good iems, is this ranking based on re0 after amped? I have a pair of re0 and is not enjoying it as much as a lot of people here, wondering if re0 with amp would really make a difference?
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Originally Posted by javajive View Post

From an objective SQ perspective, both the FX700 and the e-q7 probably do more things better than the CK10 than the other way around but only by a relatively narrow margin IMO.

But SQ alone should not be the sole factor in determining ranking IMO. I also think that comfort and fatigue are also important factors as what good is SQ if one can`t enjoy it fully for as long as one wants? And for my ears, the CK10 beats the e-q7 in terms of comfort and forgetting that there is a physical object in one`s ears by a very wide margin just as it beats the FX700 in being non or less fatigueing also by a very wide margin.
Great points, thanks for adding that. I can forget I have the CK10 in and enjoy it for long periods of time, and I agree that the CK10 is close to the rest. Really, as in my top-tier chart, they all do many things right and are just different flavors. I guess I am not picky about my favorite flavor anymore
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joe: I definitely know that you like the CK10. I read this thread as a rate the iems you like the best of all you heard. I got the CK10 as the highest even though I've heard a good amount of the "top" universal iem's. They got the detail I want with good mids along with a tight, fast bass which is pretty much what I want in an iem. It pretty much is different flavors at least from the iem's that you own based on your sig.
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IE8 > S4i > Shure 115 > apple ibud > finger in ear > JVC Gummy = cactus in my ear
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UM3X > Recabled Triple.Fi 10 > PFE 112 > UE 5 v2 > Buds
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Originally Posted by PANGES View Post
IE8 > S4i > Shure 115 > apple ibud > finger in ear > JVC Gummy = cactus in my ear
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I'm afraid I haven't auditioned any top-tier iems (yet!) so here's my budget IEM comparison:

RE0 > Fischer Audio Eterna > Fischer Audio Evolution > Soundmagic PL50 > Sony NC22 > Fuze buds > the sound of a toilet flushing > Kanen KM928 > the sound of a broken toilet flushing > Kanen KM92

Someone in this thread ranked the KM92 right after the RE0. This is utterly ridonkulous. (Yes, that is even worse than ridiculous.) You can EQ it all you want but poop remains poop. I read about these Kanen's since they shared the body with the Playaz N1 and I hoped they would sound as decent as reviewed. I tried EQ'ing, amping, modding but it was all a hopeless endeavor. Thus, fecalphones. Avoid.
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Caveat: I'm a basshead

Caveat: I'm leaving stuff out, mostly lesser midpriced stuff.

FX500 >
Turbine Gold = TF10 = IE8 >
Custom 3 >
Turbines = SE530 = Atrios >
RE0 >
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For sq ,comfort and fit (1),mtpc,
(2),ortofone eq7
(3),custom 3
(9),westone 3
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UE TF10 (genuine headphone substitute if only due to overall sense of fullness)
Phonak PFE ("simplistic and overly bright," yet endlessly listenable and surprisingly versatile)
Future Sonics Atrio (couldn't get a good seal most of the time, I think)
Westone 3 (interesting but brutal, fatiguing)
MTP Copper (sounds like a car stereo--Head-Fi Boondoggle of the Year)
V-Moda Vibe (unreliable, but actually good for the price)
Sennheiser CX300II ($27 at FYE, good enough for movies and streaming audio)
Creative Aurvana (still the best highs of anything I've tried--otherwise, crap)
Panasonic HJE900 (sounded like my EQ had been tampered with by a monkey, lousy isolation)
q-JAYS (when you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all)

Order approximate except that top is definitely top, bottom definitely bottom.
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1. (tie) monster turbine pro copper & etymotic er4p(s) but MTPC may take the #1 spot alone soon.
2. altec lansing im716
3. re0
4. mylarone x3
5. pl30
6. mylarone x3i
19. bose IEM
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Based on my perception of overall sound quality:

Westone UM3X > Westone 3 > Sleek SA6 > Klipsch Custom-2 > Altec Lansing iM716 > Etymotic ER6i > Maximo iM-490 > JVC Marshmallows > Shure SE310 > v-moda Vibe

Based on my personal listening preferences:

Westone 3 > Westone UM3X > Sleek SA6 > Klipsch Custom-2 > Maximo iM-490 > JVC Marshmallows > Altec Lansing iM716 > Etymotic ER6i > v-moda Vibe > Shure SE310
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UM3X > W3 > W2 > SE530 > GR8 > TFP10 > HF5/ER4P > UM2
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JH13 >>>>>>> TF10Pro > ER4P/S > im716 > SE530 > E4 > Westone 3 > SF5Pro
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