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Bloody Panda - Avant-gardeish sludge. Yoshiko Ohara's unique execution of her chants and wails has the feel of being in a horror film, great stuff.
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Let me help.

Nightwish (Album: Once / is a good place to start)
Within Temptation
Elis (Griefshire or Gods Silence)
Leaves Eyes

Theres a good start.
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I just ordered She & Him - Volume One from Amazon.
On the lead: Zooey Deschanel! That is some sweet voice. She sounds exactly how she looks on this album I'm telling you.
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Originally Posted by DeusEx View Post
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Also, If you like classical. I think you would like the Classical Diamond album from Doro Pesche. Listen to it with your best rig.
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Don't really see what's wrong with Paramore, I like both bands the OP linked to, but I also like Paramore.

Sure they're overrated and not obscure whatsoever, which I know some rock listeners hate preferring to be unique with their obscure bands, but it's not like their music is god awful and unlistenable.
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Female Vocals.

Check out Grace Potter (and the nocturnals).
Of course Christine McVie has an excellent voice. Check out the Fleetwood Mac songs that she sings and compare them to the Stevie Nicks ones - there is no comparison.
If you want to go Folk/Rock then Sandy Denny is hard to beat (early Fairport convention and then solo albums plus Fotheringay).

Most of this music is from another (ancient) age but what can I say, I'm old.

Enjoy the music - it's important.
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the like
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I'll also add Margo from Cowboy Junkys, Lucinda Williams for her TWANG...Rosanne Cash, all choices mentioned on this form are FANTASTIC.........
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Definetly enjoy nightwish and some of the other bands listed. I also dig Civet which is an all girl punk rock band, her voice is kind of rough, and definitely not for everyone. I also don't know if halestorm has been mentioned or not but they are worth a listen. Ah, I forgot stolen babies, don't know if they've been mentioned either, kinda weird, but good.
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Originally Posted by CatchTheRainbow View Post
Oh yeah I forgot about Flowing Tears...haven't listened to them in years but the record I have (Serpentine) is really good.
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Saraya and Halestorm.

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Epica is still my favorite lady fronted metal band. Lacuna coil, and Within Temptation are great too. The original singer from the Gathering might have the best voice of any female metal singer though. 

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