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If you like symphonic/gothic/melodic/folk metal like i do you should try theese:
- Epica
- Eluveitie (newest album, must listen!)
- Theatre of Tragedy (older albums)
- The Gathering
- Withing Temptation ( i like oldest albums more)
- Nightwish (older albums, where Tarja was singing, I miss her a lot)
- Lacuna Coil (older ambums)
- Therion (lead singer is a male but they have also syphonic orchestral metal were can be heard a lot of female voices)
- Haggard (lead singer is a male, but "Su" is a very nice girl who is also an Opera singer, he appears many times in Haggard music)
- Moonspell (lead singer is male, but female voices appear many times)

Majority of this music is European, but don't forget the best Folk/Goth/Syphonic/Orchestral/Opera metal is still made is Europe, no offence to US bands
Scandinavians always rocked more than anything to me, love them
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Automatic Loveletter. They've got a bunch of stuff on Youtube, I love em.
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Asobi Seksu, Metric, and maybe Tegan and Sara
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Meg and Dia. Their first album shows off their vocals
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This was probably already mentioned, but Lords of Acid has a female lead. So does Hungry Lucy, although they are more goth rock than regular rock.
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Originally Posted by DarKu View Post
- Withing Temptation ( i like oldest albums more)
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Originally Posted by DeusEx View Post
Apparently I'm much more into female vocals than male, even for rock (alternative, pop rock)...]
Yeah ~ funny that.....me too

Top of the pile:

Sam Phillips (Especially Cruel Inventions; It's only a Fleshwound lambchop (Omnipop and the excellent Martinis & Bikinis)
Maria McKee (You gotta sin to get saved; High Dive and Life is Sweet era)
Moya Brennan also called 'Maire' - 'Whisper to the Wild water
Ashley Cleveland (God ~ this woman has a voice like a foghorn!)
The Innocence Mission
Over the Rhine (earlier works far more original)
Ellery (also from Cincinnati)
Heather Nova
Eleni Mandell
The Changelings - rare and out of print albums now re-released! Just sublime and ethereal

Softer alt. pop:

Cocteau Twins an indispensable soundscape: but start to sound a bit samey after 20 years lol
An April March not to be confused with the Canadian 'April March' - this girl has French flair
Lori Carson - some good albums out. Much better than her old band, the Golden Palaminos)
Autour de Lucie (Alt. French band! )
Françoise Hardy (yeah...she's old)
Charlotte Gainsbourg (the daughter of you know who...)

Alt. folk pop:

Amy Allison
(the daughter of the jazz legend, Moses Allison)
Laura Cantrell (first 2 albums)
Tara Angell

Wendy Bucklew (one hit wonder album 'Painting Sidewalk's
The Indigo Girls (earlier albums better)
Amy Rigby
Julie Doiron (so~so voice - got to like the style before you like her)
Suzanne Vega (well - so-so voice again! But brilliant shift in albums from 99 degrees F onwards with Mitchell Froom at the producing handles)
Siobhan Maher Kennedy: only released 1 album, although did 'Kindred Spirit' as a band with Debbi Peterson of the Bangles, as well as 2 albums fronting 'River City People' with their classic cover of California Dreaming which bettered the original!

Alt. rock:

Ellen James Society
(dated 80's stuff but still cool
Mary Fortune Express (Hardcore single gem of an album called 'The Immortality Box'
Chris McGuire (rare and out of print - from the same Atlanta group as above)
PJ Harvey (some patchy work though)
Veda Hille (weirdly intelligent and strangely beautiful music by this Canadian singer)
Sarah Slean Some beautiful work..but lately her alter ego 'the baroness' has been trying too hard at the cabaret-esque and carnivalesque...


Leigh Nash
Sixpence None the Richer (Leigh's band)
Edith Frost
Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians
The Cowboy Junkies (sorry - I can't make a blanket recommendation for them - their last few albums really really suck badly. Their 20th anniversary celebration re-recording of 'The Trinity Sessions' shows how utterly downhill they've gone. Their first 5 albums are the only ones I bother with anymore)
Shawn Colvin seems to have gone poppy and commercial in her last few albums. Best ones were her first 4)
Texas! From Glasgow, Scotland! Some classic pop albums in Red Book and White on Blonde!


Susan Crowe Amazing Canadian songwriter's songwriter! Totally underrated and unknown outside Canada. Well, apart from me
Erica Wheeler Some of the best American roots music out there...
Crooked Still
Eilen Jewel
Gilian Welch (if you don't know who Gillian is - feel free to shoot yourself!
Emmylou Harris (Wrecking Ball is her most original and creative album)
Sarah McLachlan's 'Solace' album (and then she proceeded to completely suck after that masterpiece )
Caroline Herring

That should get you going
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Younha's new album released...this mv is slow, but nice..

YouTube - [MV HD ENG SUB]Younha” (Broke Up Today)
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Alright! female fronted bands on the top of my head.

Rock/Heavy metal/Thrash mostly 70's-80's
Holy Moses (Sabina > Angela from Arch Enemy anyday!)
Detente <-saw live
The Runaways
Rock goddess
Lita Ford

Symphonic/prog/gothic/doom/black: mostly modern Scandinavian bands
Epica <- saw live
Nightwish <- saw live
Lacuna Coil <- saw live
Leave eyes <- saw live
Sirenia <- saw live
within temptation <-saw live
Theater of tragedy
The sins of thy beloved
Opera IX
Tales of Dark
Forever Slave
Stream of Passion
aand a lot more but I forgotten.
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No one has mentioned Lydia? It is a male and female but Lydia is one of my favorite bands. Not to mention the fact that she is very nice to look at.

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The Breeders is my favorite rock band with woman singer. Not to mention shes one of the best bass player to ever play the instrument.
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Mother's Finest

A friend of mine sent me a rock/metal cd that has half of the tracks sung by a female singer:
陰陽座 (Onmyo-Za). The title of the cd is 金剛九尾 (Kongoukyuubi)
I don't understand Japanese so I don't have a clue what they're singing about but it sounds real good.
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