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I recently purchased a very nice LG Flatron LED backlit monitor. It has a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a very good response time. Its color reproduction is fairly average though, (I guess you can't always have it all...) so I bought a Spyder 3 calibration tool to help with that. The problem, though, is that I cannot for the life of me get it to produce a usable color profile. I set all of the settings correctly and the calibration process goes smoothly, but when I get to the SpyderProof page to check the before and after images, there is no difference. When I click "Load Calibration", nothing happens. Turning the calibration on and off makes no difference. I updated the software, made sure my monitor was recognized properly with drivers installed, checked my video card drivers, everything. But nothing works. I also have the same problem on my roommate's computer. It is as though there is some kind of disconnect between the color profile and my monitor's output. I am running a standard copy of Windows XP professional on an older model Compaq laptop. The video card is an ATI mobility Radeon. Could this have something to do with my problem? I am really at my wit's end here. I feel like I wasted $130 on this thing!