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Thingfling works fine. Mobility card reader right now
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Originally Posted by xguntherc View Post
How much more bass does the er4 have over the er6i??? I do like bass and have a sub in my truck, but I don't need extreme bass. The er4 could be a good choice. What about the RE0 with the triple flanges. Or doubles?? Or will they fit the same way the ne-7m did. Cuz I didn't like that
The RE0 does share the same thicker sound tube design with the NE-7M, but not sure it's the same comfort-wise. Most people don't have comfort issues with the 7M or the RE0, I think. Maybe just people with smaller ear canals. I felt the 7Ms were stuffed in my ears with foamies, and I could not get a decent seal with silicone sleeves.

The ER4P is a definite step up from the er6i, which is about the same as the 616/716, but actually too small body-wise for my taste. I also kept having filter blockage issues with the er6i I had. Seemed to have to replace the filters much more often than with 4P.

At $79, hard to believe the RE0 would be a bad choice. I have only heard the RE3 (prototype for the new 252s) and the RE2, and my only comment is they are detailed beasts but need an amp or at least some bass EQ. But that's my POV, not everyone's.

I would wait for mythless' comparo of the 716s with the RE0, if he can find his ALs.
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