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Give Away: New Top IEM RE252

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We will have three pcs new flagship IEM RE252 available for you guys to test. Please write a comment in this thread about why you need RE252 sample. If you want to write a review about RE252, please list your previous review link. Thanks a lot.

Order Link | YUIN
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I'd love a sample! I've never done a review before with my limited experience though and I'm new to the audiophile world.
I'd really like to test other products, gain experience in sonic differences and then be better equipped at helping others as well. Especially since I've just read Larry's write up - I'd really like to test sonic difference with higher end audio equipment and I just can't afford at the moment =(
I've only got a small setup saved up as a student, but if you need a full on review, then you'll have to count me out since I'm really new here.

*crosses fingers*
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I need an RE252 sample to compare to the RE0 which I should be receiving shortly.

With all the knowledge about the RE0, the forums would benefit greatly from multiple opinions directly comparing them to the previous flagship...
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Originally Posted by Nankai View Post
We will have three pcs new flagship IEM RE252 available for you guys to test. Please write a comment in this thread about why you need RE252 sample. If you want to write a review about RE252, please list your previous review link. Thanks a lot.

Order Link | YUIN
OMG I want. I have the re2s and believe in brand loyalty. had a snafu with my re2s and haven't sent them for repair yet. I'm more active on abi than here, becuase I'm just getting into this stuff. And I don't have a pair of iems, I'm using open cans so I have to turn up my music super loud to block outside nose. Which annoys the neighbors, because I do most of my music listening outside lol. Save my neighbors. And stop their dogs from barking. Save me lol.
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I would like (read love) a RE252 to see if you have managed to top my current favourite the RE0, I'm now at a couple of hundred hours of use and I'm still hearing new details in songs I thought I knew by heart. I'm also curious about the new design approach on the RE252, I wonder if the shell design will increase the seal I would get. I'm loving the RE0 right now so I have high hopes for the RE252.
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Tried many bassy earphones as i am a basshead. Will like to try to do a review on all of them (e.g. SF5EB, Atrios) as i have yet to start writing review. Will be free to do so after i finish schooling soon. I hope this will be the perfect chance to get me started
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I need one coz i would love to see how this new wonder sounds like..
I need one coz i'm one of the most loyal HEAD-DIRECT customer who owned RE2( different cable versions ),RE0 and RE1(Not anymore).
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I'll love to try this one out and will definitely do a review on it. i have a RE0, my friend is getting the RE2 and i have my own Atrio. This will allow me to compare the 3 RE earphones with one another and give a value/performance ratio as they are nicely in different price ranges. I can do a comparison of it to the Atrio, which (i believe) set the benchmark for quantity and quality of bass, and so happens to be in the same price bracket as the RE252.
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Being introduced to this forum by a friend, this forum has since been my daily hangouts for reading materials. Having purchased an Ipod touch recently, I have been since looking for recommendations on what type of IEM to go for. Based on numerous recommendations on the forum, as well as matching my listening preference (ballads, jazz, pop), I have finally decided on RE2 + E5 even through i have to waits around a week due to international shipping.

I feel that RE2 + E5 combo is well worth it, providing unrivalled clarity with quality punchy bass i have heard so far. It has since improved my listening experience tremendously. At the same time however, my curiousity grows as i realize there are alot more IEMs that are regarded to be superior, such as RE0, the UE triple fi, SA6 ect.

Hence, i hope that by being given the opportunity to own the latest lineup of head direct IEM the RE252, i am able to further improve my listening experience and exposure to the world of IEM. Furthermore, the unique design of RE252 has intrique me, as I am aware that IEM relies heavily on isolation, and comfort. While my collection of IEM consist only of RE2 so far, i am sure that i would be able to provide sincere and quality feedback on the RE252.
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Originally Posted by Nankai View Post
We will have three pcs new flagship IEM RE252 available for you guys to test. Please write a comment in this thread about why you need RE252 sample. If you want to write a review about RE252, please list your previous review link. Thanks a lot.

Order Link | YUIN

Nankai, I would be most appreciative if given the opportunity to test the New Top IEM RE252, as well as I would love to write a review. I haven’t written many, but the one’s that I have are linked below my signature: iAudio 7 (my opinion only & pictures) | HeadAmp Pico | ue11 Pro | ue11 Pro One Year Later | Woo Audio 6 |
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I'd like a sample, because I have no idea how hi-fo iems sound. I can't afford one
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I would love a review sample. I have a few short impressions of random headphones that I have scattered about here (I'll look for them). I've never made a full, detailed review of anything, but this would be the perfect excuse.

EDIT, found two of them. I'll post the impressions here to save time of going through the threads:

Sony PFR-V1, really really short listening session, so really short impressions

"And lo and behold, there were PFR V1s on the listening booth! I've been wanting to hear them for God knows how long, so I did.

They are aurgasmic. The mids are just right, the bass is punchy while still being tight, the highs were pretty, the soundstage was incredible, and they were obviously very airy. And this is all underamped, most likely. They completely demolished my other headphones in every aspect, even in a loud environment. Then I looked at the price. They were good, but not $400 good. That's getting into Sigma range, which is my dream headphone."

Beyerdynamic DT220 20 ohms I felt sick when I made this, but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents. My review will be MUCH better than this:

"I personally think they can hold their own, maybe even outperform the K271. During the short time I listened to the V6 and DT770, I preferred the DT220 to them.

I'll describe the sound and some comparisons in a few sentences. The bass is rather tight, deeper than the K271. They have much less bass than the DT770, but more detailed. Too polite for bass heavy electronic tracks.

The mids are forward. Not Grado forward, but more than neutral. Male vocals have a nice amount of body, female voices are not as good as the K271.

The treble is nice, not piercing, not too mellow, not quite sparkley, but getting there. Suitable for jazz and the like. Saxophones sing with these.

Soundstage isn't the biggest in the world imo, but I've been spoiled with ATs. It's smaller than the K271, but a bit more precise. I didn't get the chance to really listen to the soundstage of the DT770 or V6.

Details are very prevalent, well for the price I paid ($30), heck even compared to everything I've heard <$100. Lyrics for pretty much any artist I've listened to are completely clear, save Coheed, which must be intentionally garbled . In classical, every instrument is easy to discern.

The driver housing presses onto the ear and starts to hurt after a while. If you can, I'd try to make pads, but I've tried to make thicker pads but they always kill the sound. The vinyl pads get really warm after a while too.

Open isn't a word I'd describe them as, but they aren't exactly congested. It's much more open sounding than the DT770 imo, but no where near open can level, obviously.

There isn't as much airiness as I'd like, but I really can't complain for the price I got them."

I really don't have all that much experience owning many hifi iems, but I have listened to the ER4 and would try to compare the two from memory, which admittedly isn't the best resource, but I'm sure many would want a comparison, so I'm here for that. I would also compare them to the K271, DT220, and the K500 I should have coming. I would be pleasantly surprised and would support Head-Direct/Hifiman for many years to come if in fact they surpass even full sized headphones in some areas, which is certainly feasible from reading impressions of these. Unrelated, but I am firmly set on buying the HE5s or whatever new revision you have of them when I have the money, in a few years. You do great work!

I would most likely have a nice CDP (Maybe an S7700) by the time you could send a sample to me, so I have a decent source other than an iPod.

I really can't promise a review on par with what Larry can do, but I'll try to do these as much justice as I can with as many different genres and songs as possible.

Plus, technology hates me recently. My mini3 isn't working anymore, but I most certainly could try to fix it and use that as an amp. If not, I could overdo it and use my HK receiver as an amp. My K271's cable needs to be replaced, my EX082 died, I blew my KSC75's driver (I didn't even leave my iron on for more than a few seconds!), and the only iems I currently have are Skullcandies. Don't you want to cut me some slack and give me some top tier iems?

Oh, and I'm Asian, so the appendage would fit nicely in my ears!

Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

I just realized how long this post is, haha.
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Originally Posted by Nankai View Post
We will have three pcs new flagship IEM RE252 available for you guys to test. Please write a comment in this thread about why you need RE252 sample. If you want to write a review about RE252, please list your previous review link. Thanks a lot.
I'd love to receive a pair of the RE252s to review.

Fischer Audio is sending me a pair of Eternas (touted by ClieOS as better than the RE0) to review soon and it would be quite interesting to match the RE252 against the Eterna, which from current reviews, I believe the RE252 will be a formidable challenger.

I also have and heard many other pairs of headphones and earphones, including pairs from Sennheiser, Grado, AKG, Audio-Technica, Koss, Meelectronics, Head-Direct (one of my favorite brands ) and Fostex.

Also, I own a few portable amps and sources that will match up well with the RE252.

I have been instrumental in promoting the Head-Direct brand among my online and offline community and have successfully persuaded several of them to buy Head-Direct products. For example, |Joker|, a few other Head-Fiers and I have posted in this (a sizable "deals" forum) thread several Head-Direct deals:, which has resulted in multiple new customers.

I don't currently have any review threads on Head-Fi because I'm saving up my reviews for a huge "IEM Shootout" with the likes of ClieOS' thread . However, I have done several upscale reviews for many other sites, including, even being offered compensation to do reviews at times. My writing style is quite professional, and I am very familiar with the "terms" audiophiles use. I will also definitely provide responsive feedback in addition to the review about possible improvements to the RE252.

Also, I'm a semi-professional photographer (my work is at and taking a marketing seminar, I know that first-class photos are the keystone for any review.

I'd gladly do this review for you, Fang.

Thanks for the opportunity!
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After reading several reviews on the RE252, I would love an opportunity to review them myself. Being a huge fan of the RE0 I would love to hear the difference between the two. Especially, after reading Mark's review on the RE252, which left me confused. I am unsure if the RE252 will live to it's hype and the legacy that the RE0 has left in it's place as the old flagship model. I listen to a wide variety of music, from Rock, to Rap, Jazz to Folk, and many other ethnic music from Chinese instruments to Latin music.

I am also intrigued by the design of this IEM, I heard there is fitting problems. I would like to see this for myself.

In a short period of time I have acquired my own small collection and was able to hear many different headphones, IEMs for their own particular sound signatures. I would love a chance to test the RE252 personally. And, if needed I would provide feedback, negative and/or positive, to ensure if any changes would be necessary. I've only done small initial impressions on headphones and IEMs, nothing too big, but would love an opportunity to do a complete detailed review.
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I'd definitely like a pair! Currently have the RE0 paired with the AMP3 Pro2 and Sansa Clip, and I'd like to compare the RE252 against the RE0 with both players (arguably the current favored IEM with the most favored portable MP3 players) I would definitely like to write a review as well. Here's a couple of reviews I wrote on the Koss SportaPro and Carat Emerald DAC/AMP.
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