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The HD800s in retrospect...

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Hi folks.

On Saturday, I had a chance to try the Sennheiser HD800s, alongside the HD650 and my own (stand-in) headphones, the AKG K171 Studio (which I use for computer based audio).

Anyway, without going into a lot of blethers, I was wondering what people now think of them, with owners having had some time spent with them, and a lot of people having had a chance to audition them.

I'm really after the 'long term' view - they certainly impressed me in a (short) demo, but I've been seduced by such brief encounters before, and want something I can live with. Not so much a brief fling as a long term relationship, if you get my drift.

What I did find was that the HD800s were very comfortable to my ears, and there was nothing at all about the sound not to like. However, at the asking price (£1000) I'm well aware of many other headphones that that money might buy... such as Grado RS1is and the like.

OK, over to you lot (as you're far more knowledgeable)...
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I got the HD-800 in the middle of June, so roughly five months in. I think the "new toy" phase is over.

While I still occasionally listen to my other headphones, the HD-800 has been out 95% of the time and I rarely think about listening to anything else. They're become my primary headphones. The only others I like as well are the K-1000, but those only come out on special occasions.

I much prefer the HD-800 to the RS-1, as well. I sold my RS-1 a bit after the HD-800 arrived.
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Out of the cans I own, the HD800 is getting all the playing time. I don't keep track of how many hours they have, but I have been listening about 2-3 hours almost every night since I got them some months ago.
To me, they are way ahead of my other cans, no comparison. They still grow on me, and I still love how they sound every time I put them on. They make seeing the limitations of the other headphones easy, in comparison.

I am not surprised that there are so many different opinions on them, because I believe they really show what's downstream in your system, good or bad.
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Short term, it took me a few months to deal with the HD800's "cool" sound. Chalk it up to break-in, accomodation, or whatever, but I seem to have discovered a warmer sound, and louder tracks have the power I liked in the upper-end Denons.

In other words, I got used to the HD800, but dumped all but my K701.
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uncle-erik can you do a mini comparison between HD800 and K1000?
would you say one of them is better than the other?
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i once had the hd800 along with 3 other headphones.
The hd800 took up 95 percent of the listening time. Thus I sold them all. The HF2 stands as a more collector item.

However, I still do think that I paid too much for a headphone.
They are very, very good though.
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800 is definitely my main headphone for classical or rock. i use that 80% of the time and my HE60 the remainder. the 650 and grados get no head time.
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Impressed initially, the admiration of the Headphone has continued and grown on a daily basis. I can't say that about any other Headphone I've owned! The JH13 has it's musings, but has hit a ceiling and won't expand the performance region, no matter what component (read performance increase) I throw at it. The JH13 has one personality and you cater to it.

The Sennheiser is uncanny in that the first thing you notice from the Headphone....is the inadequacies in the component stream first. Meaning if the components upstream are wanting in any fashion, it's readily discernible and audible, and you will suffer. Seek out the best and you will hear the best!

I will grow even older with this phone!
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I've had the HD800 for a while now. I really enjoy it for most music. Comfort I'm not to happy about, but sound quality they are fantastically detailed headphones. My choice for classical or instrumental music. Vocals, I prefer my HE60.
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I really like this idea for a 6-month check-in thread - kudos to the OP. Don't know when I'll get around to convincing myself that I can afford the HD800, but looking forward to that day based on having heard it for myself a few times and been suitably impressed.
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