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Ya a someone PMed me his addy and I emailed him asking.  I just need to check if he replied yet.  I'm hoping its not too expensive because I'm looking at getting the bottlehead crack to go with the gamma 2.  I'll get to build them both =D


You can push it under $300 if you configure it for USB-only and use non-boutique parts. I suggest don't skip the ASRC circuitry though as it gives significant improvements to the sound. 

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Ah I see so it doesn't just come in a kit but I have to choose what I want in that kit?  Thats cool.  No  wonder the page had a lot of info.  I just need to go read it all now.  =)

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If you plan to build the y2 yourself then AMB's website has full instructions and a parts list, so you can work out the cost from that. 


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Ust got a Gamma 2 from another user. Bass seams a little too much and the treble is a little piercing. Would an OPAMP change fix this? I'm pairing with the Lyr and Q701
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Glad to see everything arrived okay. 


That's a little strange, that's not exactly how I would have described its signature. In my experience, the y2 was a pretty neutral DAC that leaned a bit toward the side of warmness (as is expected with the WM8741). It was smooth and airy in its presentation, while still being able to convey enough detail to satisfy those who prefer an analytical approach. I'm very sensitive to piercing highs and I definitely would not have kept it for 2 years if I had experienced any sibilance.


I have been using the E10 in the meantime while I wait for a new DAC, and it is definitely a huge step down. It's a little unfair to compare the two, but it goes to show how important the DAC is in the chain and reminded me of how well the y2 performed. The soundstage and airiness are definitely gone and many times I feel claustrophobic when I'm listening (sometimes to the point that I would rather not listen to any music at all). There is much less extension on the high and low ends, making everything sound muffled. The E10 has a nice warmness to it, but things don't seem as effortless or liquid as before. Definitely seems like the E10 struggles to keep up in more involved passages. The y2 was a really nice piece of kit and the only reason I sold it was because I had it for a couple years and wanted change for the sake of change (audio mid-life crisis?). Goes to show how you take things for granted until they're gone confused_face.gif.


I don't believe the OPAMP is rollable in the y2. What kind of files are you playing and how do you have the y2 connected?

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I have mosty 320's and 256's via UsB. It seams as I listen more, like over time, the highs pierce, but right when turning it on, and for a good 30 mins, it sounds fantastic. I do remember this with the E17 actually though, maybe I listen to loud? Weird.
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