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Interest Check: ChiUniFi IV - Page 5

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i suk at keeping secrets..ugh

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Looks interesting!

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Place sounds perfect Billy.  cant wait!  get the official thread up!!

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the thread will be up tuesday mourning! going to be a busy day and busy weekend for me.


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I am working on getting some prizes for the raffle.  I have two committments already and hopefully early next week, I will start getting responses from the others I have contacted.  The more people who attend, I believe the better we'll be able to attract donations from vendors.  


The list of contributing vendors will be posted and updated once the main thread is up.


Let's make ChiUniFi IV the largest one yet. 

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So the official thread with all the details will be posted in the upcoming week? Awesome, I will try to attend.

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cant wait!!  its always a good time!

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