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Darn, this is going no-where fast! This being an open forum it should allow all its members to participate, if not what is next? Only the ones considered to be "cool" are allowed? Sad, very sad. 

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Originally Posted by bhd812 View Post

edited KG seems to have played a joke...

Lol. Oh you guys It would have been a bad omen if he was serious haha. I thought he was serious Glad it didn't end up that way.

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Originally Posted by bhd812 View Post

edited KG seems to have played a joke...


Bhd812 - please clarify. What is the joke?

I'm clueless and probably not alone in feeling that way.
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Originally Posted by jvlgato View Post


Bhd812 - please clarify. What is the joke?

I'm clueless and probably not alone in feeling that way.

You are not alone on being clueless.  

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I missed what happened as well. But, on to meet business. Where are we at with everything so far?
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still waiting on the signature for skokie, looking into other options..will know soon.


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Billy, count me in.  I have a friend I brought to CanJam, and this rekindled his interest in 2-channel audio.  He recently asked me about the next Chicago area meet.  (Rubs hands together diabolically) Excellent! A new convert.

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Awesome! What two channel gear does he have?
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I meant 2 channel as opposed to home theater which has been his obsession for a long time. IIRC, he picked up the Peachtree Decco, and got his old Rega TT from storage (he has a decent size vinyl collection from "back in the day".  Additonally, we have been exchanging some e-mails regarding replacing his old Sony monitor 'phones.  Yeah, he seems to have caught the bug real good.

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i heard the Decco is a all in one good sounder, and i know the addiction to them dang Sony Monitors, my Brother can't get away from them..even after listening to every headphone and borrowing most of what i own..haha

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Change for the better!

Place has been set!!!! But it's not the busy holiday inn, it's not the typical meeting hall, it's relaxed! Couches and all! Free wifi, free food and all the rockstar and coffee we can drink. Plently of parking, actually it's easy to load in and park close! The place is easy to get to and it's in a clean neighborhood, few blocks off I-55 by midway...

And it's in budget, easily...

Are you peoples ready??? Lol
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Please tell me it's not in a strip club.
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great idea, i always said if the peeps at a chiuni dont want to do a next year we could always use the money raised and hit a strip club..


no its not, its a Cafe/lounge with a con-temp style. I was going to buy the place years back actually but my friend (who i known from working dance clubs, he is a dj and i am a lighting guy) got it before me. he installed a dj booth and a bunch of dance lights and tvs afterwards. he rents the place out for birthday parties and stuff all the time but always at night, its a perfect place for a headphone meet though..being a dj he has pictures of headphones on the walls and stuff plus we can use the 1200's in the dj funny as that may seem think about it, the place has a vinyl rig installed!!!!! OMG!


its really close to Midway if anyone is flying out, a $10 cab ride to be exact! its close to a bunch of hotels if anyone wants to stay the night, you have 5 great hotels in the area (brand new and clean hotels for Midway). honestly with a 30 person meeting room rental i have no chance of dealing with a hotel to lower the room rate if we had it at a hotel anyway.


if we would of done Holiday inn we would have no food (and bringing in food is not allowed), for soda or coffee we would have to sneak it in or pay crazy hotel prices, no wifi..well no legit wifi, the hotel has at least 7 other meeting rooms much larger with lots of traffic and lots of parking being taken up from the other parties, and all we would have is a common meeting room with a bland feel. this place has spark! has a relaxed downtown club feel without the pounding music, has food and if we want we can bring in anything we want interms of drink and food, tons of parking! 20 parking spots in back of the place, parking in front of the place, and there is a huge parking lot across the street. plenty of outlets and plenty of tables.


Audio addict got me thinking of places that been overlooked, i looked into VFW halls, small restaurants, and other cafes. actually years back i attended a awesome headphone meet in Ohio that was at a was really fun so that got me thinking even more. last night i am sitting at the cafe and thinking i am missing some place thats just perfect for Chiunifi this year and then it all came together...this is the place!


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Sounds like a great place.  Is there a website for this place so we can start drooling?  Were you able to keep the date the same?

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the date is the same of course! omg i want to keep in a surprise for the official thread...OMG!!


if you look at the winter07/08 pics you can find me doing my Zoolander face..HAYYYYY lol

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