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Chill out man, its coming from China, you should be a little more patient.

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Originally Posted by rosgr63 View Post
What about if a buyer takes a long time to confirm if the item is fine?
Is that fair for the seller?
Thats easy, set a timer, say two weeks for example.
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Btw, slow shipping could happen anywhere not just China. Last time Bought something from a power seller in U.K, it costed me twice the shipping cost, 2.5 months wait and 30+ emails. Lately paid for some cable from a cable seller in U.S ebay, who has 6000+ positive feebacks, whereas it still took 3 weeks to arrive. For not bringing any nagative impact on them I prefer keep silent when got the items from them without quality issues.

It's pointless to keep talking to you if the seller doesn't want to sent you the item, be patient, it happens in ebay at times.
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Day 16.

Just got a call from DHL asking me to pay 27 euros in Tax (which is no problem).

They were going to ship it out today but apparently there was no post code written on the package so they could not deliver it today. Of course I gave them the right information and I will have to wait until tomorrow for delivery.


What would YOU leave as feedback?
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If the goods are packed well and arrive in excellent condition, I would leave positive feedback.
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no post code? frustrating...

Funny thing is... this could be the camera I bought 3 days ago and not the amp!
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i bought him mkiii and musiland 02. both of them came to me without any problem. because of some custom problems shipping time is more than two weeks for mkiii.
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it's the camera...

  2009-11-08 13:48:00 GUANGZHOU Despatch from Sorting Center

Amp last seen 4 days ago in Guangzhou.

it continues...

I love all these "chill out man" comments. If I had two cents for every one I would be close to a dollar by now!

I wish I would have read something like this before I bought this amp tho...
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I guess what folk are trying at say is 'put things in context'.
I've bought items from china that I've paid for on Sunday and collected at the post office the following Friday, whilst others I've waited 2-3 weeks. An expectation of 2-3 weeks is pretty fair - I 'try' to get all my sold ebay items to the post office with 1 day, but I'd be a liar if I said i've not taken longer due to a whole variety of reasons.

I think the 'nightmare' in the title is somewhat missplaced - for nightmares you really should read the Single Power thread! Your experience is at the moment simply 'inconvient'.
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Yah, I agree "nightmare" is not the correct title. But I wrote that when it had been 11 days and I had just been given a second tracking number that once again showed "no information about this tracking" and the ad said clearly Delivery Time is approx. 3-10 business days to most US / UK / AU destinations.

Most of the replies are people telling me to be patient. Two weeks ... two days... tracking says its still in China. Be back tomorrow to reply to all the people who reply to tell me to be patient.
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Did you not notice the "approx" word. It means around that sort of time, but it could be longer.
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I have a question. Why is this thread 6 pages??
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Stuff shipped from China is generally 2-4 weeks and the tracking sites generally don't work well. Overseas shipping can be held up in the customs of both the country of origin and the destination country. When ordering from overseas, these delays should be expected regardless of what the shipper advises. Proper research may have prevented your frustrations.
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Ok then here is a new one.

If a seller states UPS Worldwide Express in the shipping details and then uses EMS does that justify complaint?
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