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OP let me list the problems i have with your position:

1. The sellers shipping time frame clearly states 8-16 working days (actually 14-20 for Europe).If you had carefully read his listing, you would have seen that.
2. The seller stated he has shipped the item, but it's being held by Chinese customs/shipping
3.Rather than wait for the 16 days to expire, you discredit the seller by even starting this thread, even though he is not at fault.
4.The problem lies with EMS holding the package, NOT the seller, so why not query their slowness on this public forum, and leave the seller out of it.
5.both you and seller are at the mercy of EMS, everyone seems to understand that but you.
6.If the seller gives you a set time frame to expect the amp, then you should hold him to it.Problem is, that time frame has not passed, but now you're blowing hot steam.

My real issue is that your thread implies the seller is somehow at fault here, and thats clearly not the case.It's not fair to drag his name through the mud, when it's obvious things are out of his hands.
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I bought a Grado 325 and a C&C XO amp from a fellow head-fi'er in California. I am in Edmonton, Alberta. He shipped it via UPS. It took two weeks for it to arrive. It was absolutely not the seller's fault. UPS screwed up several times resulting in him sending me three different tracking numbers. The seller was very on top of things, and communicated everything to me as it happened. I thank him for his efforts at getting everything sorted out, but in the end we were both at the mercy of UPS.

I tell this to demonstrate that a relatively simple shipping transaction can go very wrong. And this was just in North America. I'm sure it's a lot more complex to ship from China. In the end I got the items in perfect condition. But if it can take two weeks and three tracking numbers to just go a couple of thousand of miles, two weeks from half-way around the world is certainly feasible.
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I actually bought stuff from hifikanon before. I didn't have any problem, the item actually got to me pretty fast considering it's coming from China.
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Originally Posted by anadin View Post
Everyone in my opinion is missing the point, he is entitled to be concerned considering the amount of time he has already waited for the amp to arrive.

It makes no diffrence where the amp is shipping from you should still get a valid tracking number which puts your mind at ease, if I was you I would put this through a Paypal dispute and claim your money back through them, you have waited long enough and as far as your concerned the item hasn't even left its destination.
I respectfully disagree.

Take a look at the listing the OP linked for the item.Pay special attention to the shipping times given, and the disclaimer the seller makes.
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You can disagree all you like but the bottom line is the buyer received a non-existant tracking number which has since been changed, that shouldn't happen full stop.
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^^ fine, i agree with that, but your suggesting the OP take the drastic action of filing a claim, because his initial tracking number didn't work? I think that's premature at best.Let me put a different spin on this: my most recent amp had a similar situation occur with the tracking number not working.Only difference was, this amp came directly from David at little Dot.Now you and I both know Davids integrity is top notch, so i didnt bother to contact him about it.After a 3 days it changed to a UPS tracking number that still didn't work, and when it did, it showed the destination as Au (Australia? Austria?).Nevertheless i received the amp in about 10 days, having not questioned the non working tracking number.

Now what would you have suggested i do? Go straight to the web and tarnish Davids image? File a claim? He was not the one who screwed up with the tracking info, his carrier did, and i understand that.I disagree with you because i think some restraint should be exercised before going so far as to file a claim.Had i done what you're telling Counterpoint to do, i would have unfairly stained Davids credibility and integrity.
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finally... thanks anadin!

The item has been relisted which is the link I gave. The original listing for the item did not have ANY of that fine print about posting.

My ebay info also says:

Estimated delivery: Varies*
UPS delivers within 1 - 2 days after seller ships the item.
UPS Worldwide Express US $40.00
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So you expected 1-2 days China to UK? For $40?

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I expect a tracking number that works 11 days after for $40
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^^edited last post^^
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Wow what a bomb thread.

Your ebay dealings are sucky. I'm not entirely sure how you get a second tracking number. Maybe it was not allowed to be sent and returned? The seller is trying though so I hope you are fair in your feedback. What fair means is of course up to you.
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"After a 3 days it changed to a UPS tracking number that still didn't work, and when it did, it showed the destination as Au (Australia? Austria?)."


To the OP, I understand your frustration as a first timer--you're swimming in unfamiliar waters and there could be sharks circling--but the fact is you're pretty safe. These Chinese sellers are absolutely obsessive about protecting their reputations and will often send emails for no apparent reason begging you not to post negative feedback should there be a problem. (On top of that you're protected by PayPal). I don't know if your seller visits these forums, but if he does he's probably committed suicide by now from the realization that one impatient customer has ruined his reputation forever. My guess is that you'll receive a well-packed parcel in a couple of days and feel like a goose (or not feel like a goose, as the case may be); anyway, I don't think you need worry at this stage. I'm just wondering what you're going to say when the seller emails you (from his death bed perhaps?) asking why you started this thread when he was communicating with you on a regular basis.

Mind you, most of the above is tongue-in-cheek.
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Like I said, I only started this thread to document my experience.
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actually you started this thread because you were pissed and wanted to lash out because you felt wronged in some way.

Which is why you called your experience a "nightmare" and called the seller out in the title of the thread.
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Originally Posted by counterpoint View Post
Like I said, I only started this thread to document my experience.
Then I trust when it arrives [ if ] you post here and restore the seller's reputation.
When dealing with Asian countries hold ups in postal services are to be expected.

Just hope it works or the nightmare will become a reality.
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