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Originally Posted by Clarkmc2 View Post
Perhaps a larger lesson can be gleaned from this.

The only Chinese made amp I ever bought was from JoLida. Mike checks each completed unit stateside personally before selling it. Shipment of the products to the USA is therefore domestic and quality is guaranteed.

If an similar arrangement is not available, I would never touch any PRC manufactured electronics. Too much PRC product is junk right out of the box. If I were wealthy enough I would never buy anything from there on general principles. I don't blame the Chinese, rather the greedy, short sighted Western companies that moved their production offshore.

As for shipping, I would insist on Post or FedEx. UPS can be a class outfit, but more and more the company is using its shipping only to leverage supply chain contracts - ever try to get a direct FedEx quote on Ebay? - and makes their drivers work too fast to ensure low damage rates. Most experienced Ebay sellers switch to FedEx Ground for domestic and Canadian shipments when they discover it costs less than UPS, and breaks far fewer things. I have found Australian, Canadian and Western European Postal services to be safe and reliable. Surviving the USPS leg is the only dicey part.

Bottom line, companies should import their wares to the intended market and ship locally. The better ones do. It is more convenient for the customer and they retain control over quality. If a company has an importer in your country, use it. Trying to save a buck and bypass them is a short sighted plan. No guarantee, and shipping each piece internationally instead of shipping in a container is so inefficient only small concerns, usually individuals, do it. Buying from individuals or very small dealers in foreign countries is always going to involve a lot of risk if you don't know them personally.

Speaking of "personally," I am not speaking here to any individual poster, but generally.

from what i've seen this is very true. The quality control can be very bad. I've heard that there are many companies who try to save a buck and move manufacturing to China and when they get the first samples they realize that they are going to have to go to China and try to sort it out.

They offer very attractive costs so greed kicks in and you may end up with headaches.

Having said that, I just ordered two amps form two separate Chinese dealers
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Just relax. It has to go half way around the world from china to UK. What do you expect? 3 day delivery? You can't really be so type-A when ordering from china, you just have to chill. It's not the seller's fault. That said, I've ordered stuff from the main LD seller David before and had great service. So maybe you should have done more research and bought from him instead. But I'm sure you'll be fine, you just have to have some patience.
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They use a shipping agent for EMS shipment to have a discount, good for both you and the seller. Sometimes it may not be the seller's fault and it was a delay or mistake made by the agent and the shipping company. However seller should have been showing more responsibility but again this may be out of his control. Hope your parcel arriving soon.
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UPS was in the shipping description and in the confirmation I received from Ebay.
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Have to agree with comments about David, which I purchased my first tube amp from in a flawless transaction and very fast shipping. I believe he's the only reputable source for these amps.

Also, I have to agree with comments about international shipping in general. They can be unpredictable at times especially with customs. I hope your amp arrives soon and undamaged. Not to add more worry to the wart, but I've had terrible experiences with UPS.

In the meantime, drink a Guinness or two
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Well, i sincerely hope you get your amp soon.Did you look at shipping estimates in the link you provided? It says 8-16 working days (weekends not included), you are still in that window.That being said for $10, you really should have gone with an authorized seller.What happens if there is a problem with the amp after a month or so, who will honor the warranty?

I'm biting my tongue because i dont want to appear too negative towards you, but a little research might have helped before you purchased.
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Originally Posted by counterpoint View Post
Look... this is the thing that frustrates me the most. He has said he shipped it in every email yet now I recieve an email from Ebay saying it was shipped on Nov 7th. In the info for the item it says it will be shipped the day after payment clears. If this is how ebay normally works and things are not shipped as stated in the shipping description than I have no reason to be frustrated.

Paid on 27-Oct-09
Dispatched on 07-Nov-09 Price: US $189.99, Qty: 1 US $189.99
Estimated delivery: Varies*
UPS delivers within 1 - 2 days after seller ships the item.
UPS Worldwide Express US $40.00
Tracking: xxxxxxxxxxx (new number)
I think you need to breath by the nose and relax a little bit. Nothing here is out of the normal for an ebay purchase, was it form China or the US.
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I understand your frustration and I would probably feel like you....

I just hope you will not judge the amp based on your actual feelings. I own one MK 3 in my bedroom, and I am quite pleased with it...

I believe it's worth the wait....

Good luck

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Agreed. I don't think the seller is at fault here. Gotta have some patience
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Everyone in my opinion is missing the point, he is entitled to be concerned considering the amount of time he has already waited for the amp to arrive.

It makes no diffrence where the amp is shipping from you should still get a valid tracking number which puts your mind at ease, if I was you I would put this through a Paypal dispute and claim your money back through them, you have waited long enough and as far as your concerned the item hasn't even left its destination.
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first off I am not a fan at all of the little dot stuff but your email stalking is a bit OTT. I usually wait a few days before I start the email requests for tracking data.

You may not realize this and I am sure they did not communicate this but just about all packages from China are shipped via a shipping service when they go EMS or otherwise. So the seller quite often does ship in a day of two but you are at the mercy of the trans shipper to get your stuff out.

This is the trade off when buying direct from China, I almost alway spend the few extra bucks and buy from a US based reseller to get piece of mind and reasonable shipping, consider it a lesson learned.
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I created this thread to document my experience in purchasing this amp from this seller on ebay.

It has been 11 days now. The first tracking number shows this.

  2009-11-06 18:21:00 SHENZHEN Posting
  2009-11-06 18:47:00 FTCT Despatch from Sorting Center
  2009-11-07 09:09:38 SHENZHEN Arrival at Sorting Center
  2009-11-07 20:18:19 SHENZHEN Despatch from Sorting Center

What confuses me is that he entered a new tracking number into the ebay shipping info.

After how many days would YOU start to get frustrated?
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Originally Posted by amham View Post
I think your mistake was trying to save $10. The LD manufacturer rep., David, has a sterling reputation. I've purchased three amps and all arrived from China to NJ in 5 days from date of order to receipt!! I used PP and absolutely no problems, just perfect!
Agreed. Always buy Little Dot products directly from David.

Plus, I think you are being too frantic/impatient. Wait it out then file a paypal claim if there's still issues.

What is the point in getting frustrated? It's not like it'll magically fix things. Go on living your life for now.
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I would get frustrated if after 14 days my amp had not arrived but I also would have gone with a tried and true seller over an ebay seller. Besides the obvious frustration with shipping you have the added concern of warranty issue should anything go wrong.
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2x Agreed - 5% more to get something from the official manufacturer is definitely worth it.
It also says on Davids page about the situation with warranties regarding 3rd party sellers.
I know they have a 4-something postage time but at this point I don't see it arriving within the specified time. You should definitely try to contact them about this before filing a complaint, as there's a chance this isn't directly their fault and could put both of you in an akward situation.
Good luck!
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