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I ordered and received my mkIII from hifikannon in 10 days to US east coast. No problems.
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It's too bad you had to encounter so much problems.... it's too bad because the Little Dot MK III is a pretty good amp, although I do not know how thw Lehman sounds...

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Originally Posted by MomijiTMO View Post
Correct. Keyboard warriors going nuts and belittling the OP because he's not happy with what happened. If it were me, I'd be annoyed. I wouldn't create this thread because I know what people are like when it comes to defending brands or a store. You don't have to look far to realise the fanboyism which radiates from certain brands. Whether they are good or not is irrelevant, it's the psyche of the people who seem to think that they do not have to adhere to the standard business model or aren't bound to the contract laws everyone else is [waiting times]. No, sorry, I don't give a damn how good company X are and waiting double or triple the described waiting time is unacceptable. Fortunately some of these stores will refund any unhappy customers.

As I see it, this experience is not a nightmare but isn't exactly perfect. What it did manage to do is show that people at Head F1 have a different way of explaining things which are unacceptable to everyone else. Read into that which ever way you want.

The sad reality huh. I was happy to see a pc store I frequently purchase from move to a proper live stock level indicator.
I think you've missed the point....it's a discussion about reasonable expectations vs unrealistic ones. It matters not where a product comes from or is manufactured, the fact is that shipping times are not exact but rather average quotes in terms of matters that do affect those estimates that are for the most part completely beyond the retailers control (courier efficiency,paperwork being complete and correct,customs house's work loads vs staff etc etc). All shipping estimates are approximations based on average delivery times for that item. Heaping all of the blame on the manufacturer for a courier companies delays is unfair IMO and shows a marked lack of understanding and experience when dealing with eBay or online e-tail operations in general. Many companies carry very little stock these days as others have pointed out...with a deep recession this only magnifies that kind of practice. I'm not admonishing you or the OP in this post I'm just trying to say a little patience and understanding avoids what literally is IMO a frivolous complaint. The members here are reacting to what they see (myself included) as an over reaction on the part of the OP who then took that advice personally (or so it seems) when that advice was not intended in that context (I'm willing to bet at least).

Getting back to the subject at hand............

Keeping an even and fair minded keel under these inevitable happenstances which 99% of the time ends up being resolved to both parties satisfaction, isn't always an easy thing to do and it's reflected in the OP's original thread title and opening post of that thread. That is why some here objected to the language and the intent of the thread. The situation did not warrant the response given. That is the crux of this matter in my eyes.

As far as the rest of your post WRT fannboyism and other wildly off base remarks of that ilk I think you ought reread what has been written....I get no inclination the opposition to the OP is based upon anything other than common sense and patience when dealing with online enterprise in the 21st century.

I'm happy the OP received what he paid for, hopefully some valuable experience can be applied to his next online acquisition

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Sorry for bumping this thread.

I plan to get a ld mk iii.

But its expensive from David around 274$


Can I get it from a 3rd party ?

Especially from here - 



I thought I would save some 20$ and invest in tubes.


Any insights ?

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