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My Experience! Little dot MK iii ebay purchase from hifikanon

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I will start off by saying I am new to ebay and was always terrified of using it. I saw the little dot mk iii from
hifikanon 432 (99.5% positive) and I decided to buy it.

--Tue, Oct 27, 2009

Little Dot MK iii purchased on ebay from seller hifikanon at around 10am GMT via paypal with instant payment cleared.

Email recieved from hifikanon "Please send your phone no. and voltage so that I can send your item as soon as possible."

I replied with the info and waited for a confirmation of shipping.

--Wed, Oct 28, 2009

Email sent to hifikanon asking for confirmation of shipping.

--Thu, Oct 29, 2009

Another email sent to hifikanon asking for confirmation of shipping.

--Thu, Oct 29, 2009

Reply from hifikanon "well noted with thanks,your item will be shipped today.EMS tracking no xxxxx"

--Fri, Oct 30, 2009

FOURTH EMAIL sent to seller

It has now been three days since I have purchased this item and I do
not have any proof of shipment
. The description of the item reads
"Items will be shipped within next business day after payment cleared".

As of 9:44 GMT 30/10/2009 the provided tracking number xxxxxxxxxxxxx
returns the message "No information for this tracking" from the EMS
tracking site EMS

Please understand my frustration,

reply from hifikanon

The information need about three days to be displayed on the website.

Please believe that the item will be with you in 10 working days.

Thank you.

--Wed, Nov 3, 2009

Message sent via ebay to hifikanon

I purchased this item one week ago and the the EMS website still says:

"No information for this tracking" Is this the correct shipping number?


--Wed, Nov 4, 2009

Message sent via ebay to hifikanon

I am growing increasingly frustrated with this situation. I had to remind you three days after the transaction to ship the item Now it is 9 days after and the tracking number you have given me does not work.

Is this the correct shipping number? xxxxxxxxxxx

--Wed, Nov 5, 2009

message received via ebay from hifikanon

hi I will check with EMS, and reply soon.

--Fri, Nov 6, 2009

Message sent via ebay to hifikanon

The information for the tracking number xxxxxxxxxxx shows it was posted today on the 6th of the 11th in Shenzhen China. I purchased the item 10 days ago!

2009-11-06 18:21:00 SHENZHEN Posting

--Sat, Nov 7, 2009

Email received via ebay from hifikanon

"sorry, maybe they kept your item until today to despatch from shenzhen, actually we have sent it to them several days ago.
thanks for your understanding, anyway, it will get to you very soon"

Email from Ebay received

Paid on 27-Oct-09
Dispatched on 07-Nov-09Price: US $189.99, Qty: 1US $189.99
Estimated delivery: Varies*
UPS delivers within 1 - 2 days after seller ships the item.
UPS Worldwide ExpressUS $40.00
Tracking: xxxxxxxxxxx (new number)

EBAY IS UPDATED WITH A *NEW* TRACKING NUMBER?!?!?!?!?! That once again shows no information with the EMS tracking system. The original tracking number states that it is still in Shenzhen...

and it continues...
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When you use the tracking function on the ems website, make sure you don't do it from the front page as it almost invariably ends up with an error.

From the front page, go to Tracking > Online Tracking. Or clicky here.

Remember you're ordering from China. Things run... a little different there . Have some patience, you'll get what you ordered
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Sorry to hear. My go with EMS express was great. From Taiwan to Brisbane, Australia in 3 days.
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That is the site I am using... the page is burned into my memory forever! I have nightmares about that page I have seen it so much over the past 11 days...
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I purchased a Little Dot MK11 from David on the advice from this board and had it in 7 days. Buy only from David he is super.
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While i think you may be justified in feeling upset about the "botched" tracking number, the seller is at the mercy of EMS and/or customs.This is an international package, and to expect it at your doorstep within a week seems very unreasonable to me.To the sellers credit, he at least is communicating with you, as opposed to leaving you completely in the dark.

I've also had tracking numbers from China that didnt work, but i dont sweat it because:
A) the seller has a stellar reputation (ie power seller)
B) should something go wrong, the purchase is protected by paypal

That being said, i do understand your frustration, but i think a little patience should be exercised before you brand this a nightmare transaction.
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I have initiated ALL contact including reminding him to ship the amp three days after the sale was complete.

He has not provided proof of shipping for 11 days since he has now given me a SECOND tracking number added to ebay that now says "No information for this tracking." again.

I am just putting this info on Head-Fi for anyone who is looking to buy this amp since he offers it $10 cheaper than the other sellers.

Buying from ebay (and from china) is not supposed to be this complicated
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"Buying from ebay (and from china) is not supposed to be this complicated "

Say what?

you need to be more patient.......sorry.
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11 days and it is still in china. What would you do?
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Originally Posted by counterpoint View Post
11 days and it is still in china. What would you do?
I'd settle down and wait for a bit. Then go through the eBay/Paypal steps to withdraw your money. People don't become power sellers out of nowhere, so I'm sure he'll get back to you.

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he is not a power seller...

eBay My World - hifikanon
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Didn't someone mention that the chinese do things in batches? If the shipment missed the first batch, it will be another 7 or 14 days for the next batch.

And yes, Chinese customs is a nightmare. Buy from Hong Kong or Taiwan if you can.
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Look... this is the thing that frustrates me the most. He has said he shipped it in every email yet now I recieve an email from Ebay saying it was shipped on Nov 7th. In the info for the item it says it will be shipped the day after payment clears. If this is how ebay normally works and things are not shipped as stated in the shipping description than I have no reason to be frustrated.

Paid on 27-Oct-09
Dispatched on 07-Nov-09 Price: US $189.99, Qty: 1 US $189.99
Estimated delivery: Varies*
UPS delivers within 1 - 2 days after seller ships the item.
UPS Worldwide Express US $40.00
Tracking: xxxxxxxxxxx (new number)
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I think your mistake was trying to save $10. The LD manufacturer rep., David, has a sterling reputation. I've purchased three amps and all arrived from China to NJ in 5 days from date of order to receipt!! I used PP and absolutely no problems, just perfect!
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Perhaps a larger lesson can be gleaned from this.

The only Chinese made amp I ever bought was from JoLida. Mike checks each completed unit stateside personally before selling it. Shipment of the products to the USA is therefore domestic and quality is guaranteed.

If a similar arrangement is not available, I would never touch any PRC manufactured electronics. Too much PRC product is junk right out of the box. If I were wealthy enough I would never buy anything from there on general principles. I don't blame the Chinese, rather the greedy, short sighted Western companies that moved their production offshore and pay as little as possible for it.

As for shipping, I would insist on Post or FedEx. UPS can be a class outfit, but more and more the company is using its shipping only to leverage supply/shipping chain contracts - ever try to get a direct FedEx quote on Ebay? - and makes their drivers work too fast to ensure low damage rates. Most experienced Ebay sellers switch to FedEx Ground for domestic and Canadian shipments when they discover it costs less than UPS, and breaks far fewer things. I have found Australian, Canadian and Western European Postal services to be safe and reliable. Surviving the USPS leg is the only dicey part.

Bottom line, companies should import their wares to the intended market and ship locally. The better ones do. It is more convenient for the customer and they retain control over quality. If a company has an importer in your country, use it. Trying to save a buck and bypass them is a short sighted plan. No guarantee, and shipping each piece internationally instead of shipping in a container is so inefficient only small concerns, usually individuals, do it. Buying from individuals or very small dealers in foreign countries is always going to involve a lot of risk if you don't know them personally. Even when they are trying to do the best they can, they are really only brokers and have direct control over nothing but their own computer. They are almost always customers like you and have no direct relationship with the manufacturer.

Manufacturer's reps who must have each sale directly shipped from abroad are not to be blamed for the lack of stateside quality control and distribution, but it is not a great system. Another example of someone at the top of a company (wrongly) believing in the superiority of "just in time" systems. They are attractive to accountants who like short term profits and how the cash flow looks to investors who check the numbers every day, but that is about it. It costs less to start up and has fewer fixed expenses, like facilities, but costs more each time you use it. A poster child for short term thinking.

Speaking of "personally," I am not speaking here to any individual poster, but generally.

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