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Originally Posted by MarkyMark View Post
Hi Pedalhead,

I think the bass issue with the HD800 bass is a function of them being voiced neutrally and also having a skewed impedance curve.

If you look at the impedance vs frequency response graph on the Headroom site, impedance hits 650+ ohms in the 100hz - 200hz range, which is a huge deviation from the nominal 300 ohms spec. I'd therefore expect that quite a few amps will struggle in this area. AFAIK, tube amps usually prefer high impedance loads so your positive experience doesn't surprise me.

I have a preference for solid state so I'm looking into one of the SPL amps (Auditor or Phonitor) as they are apparently capable of driving the HD800 properly. My Sugden Headmaster pairs nicely with them but the bass could do with a bit more heft.

Hi Mark. That makes alot of sense, cheers. The Woo certainly seems to have bags of power, so no surprise there. I've just ordered some tubes & adapters to roll the 6SN7 drive tubes, which should be an interesting experiment. I'd be interested to hear how you get along with the SPL amp & the hd800s. Cheers.
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just stumbled upon this. Oh God i miss much.........
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Originally Posted by Sceptre View Post
If you find a place in the UK to trial the Phonitor, do let me know. Dolphin Music said they would do sale or return but couldn't locate one when I asked.

If of course, you do buy one, can I buy you a lunch to trial it?
I have a couple of FLAC files demonstrating the effect of the Phonitor when used as a line output. I can forward them if you PM me your email address. It won't demonstrate the bass performance of the amp but it will cover the effective of the crossfeed function. If you only require the Auditor, then just ignore.

KNR Audio* in north London suppose to stock Phonitor for demo but some guy brought it. So have to wait for new demo unit to appear - it suppose to appear this week but no news so far...

*SPL's UK distributor recommendation for London.
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there's one on the bay for sale.
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Best price in UK is £1082 inc vat. A couple of places doing that. Still want to hear it first though. Thanks for the info though.

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Hi All,

I ended up buying the Auditor because I wasn't too bothered about the extra widgets bolted onto the Phonitor. I'm very pleased at the results with the HD800, the sound is very clean and neutral with plenty of clout. No chrome-plated treble here.

I got mine from Thomann Cyberstore for 505 euros just after Christmas, but the price seems to have risen to around 600-650 now. If anyone wants to home dem either of these units, these guys are a good option to look at as they offer a 30 day return policy, you will just pay the return shipping cost if you don't want to keep it. They also offer an extended 3 year guarantee as standard.

FWIW, I also found Thomann very straightforward to deal with when the first unit I received developed a fault. They organised a free pick-up via UPS and I got a new unit sent out as soon as the faulty one had reached them in Germany.

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Originally Posted by MarkyMark View Post
Hi All,

I ended up buying the Auditor because I wasn't too bothered about the extra widgets bolted onto the Phonitor.
I went the other way and have bought a 2nd hand Phonitor. It appears to be a pre production model 'tuned' by the SPL designer. We should be able to demo the two units at the next Manchester meet (did I really mention a suggestion for a date?).
Glad you enjoy the Auditor MarkyMark. You got a steal there too!


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I have just spent several hours in the forum trying to find anyone anywhere in the UK who would possibly be interested in a UK Head-Fi'ers meet - then suddenly discovered that such an event has already happened! However, with the last posts on this and related threads being over a year old, I felt it was time to give this idea a bit of a bump to see whether a repeat event could be organised for 2011, preferably at the same venue as it looks and sounds ideal. Having had meets in 2007 then 2009, this could form the basis for a regular event every 2 years, but obviously if there's sufficient interest it could become an annual event.  I've been ogling the photo's from the 2009 Manchester meet and am positively salivating at the idea of coming face-to-face with such an array of wonders to listen to - and I don't just mean the gear! I'm due to have an operation (nothing serious) in the next couple of months but recovery shouldn't take long so I would be keen to attend such an event - maybe in the spring of 2011 if that suits others? My organisational skills are appalling so I would be a very poor candidate for responsible roles. However, I do have plenty of time on my hands so if someone else could take the reigns and delegate, I would be happy to perform some tasks as and when I'm fit enough.


If there is sufficient interest it's probably worth starting a new thread on this subject, but for now it would be good if people can just show their interest here. After all, this thread contains so many keen UK head fi folk who have the experience and skills to put such an event together - again!


Please show your interest and spread the word.beerchug.gif

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Originally Posted by Sceptre View Post


Thanks Sceptre, it's reassuring to get a positive response! Please pass the idea on to any other head fi fans you may know in the UK who'd be interested. I will do the same and hopefully momentum will build until it becomes a reality! As soon as there's another positive response I'll stop polluting this thread and start a new thread. In the mean time I'll post the idea on all related threads I find - especially the threads I've found where few, if any, people have replied, to let the OP know that they're not alone!beerchug.gif

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Sure, i'd be up for it, we need meets from time to time that aren't in London.

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We need major UK meets in general; the last major meet was this one in Manchester, so not even London has seen much more than a week day evening for a long time.

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Thanks Marcus_C and paulb09 for such positive posts. I've had more positive comments on some of the other threads so I'll go ahead and start a new thread. It's good to know I'm not alone! wink.gif


The new thread is here:


Please post any suggestions, questions or comments you may have. Cheers

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