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I've not been using my portable lately so better pass it on to some one who has better use of it.

For sale is a Black RSA SR71A + two (2) Tysonic Low Discharge NIMH 200 mah batteries. There is NO Charger INCLUDED (I think shipping out my charger will cost more than buying a NIMH charger at your location).

Price is 435 USD includes PayPal fees and Shipping to the US for now. I will use EMS (5-7) days which isn't cheap in my location. =(


But I trust EMS as I haven't lost a package sent to the US this way.

The items are here in Singapore and I have sold my previous RSA Predator to someone in the US without problems. Check feedback on my signature.

**RWA IMOD and External Caps NOT included

*I can send a picture of the SR71A alone if requested.

Just send me a PM if interested.

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post #2 of 6's $450USD new.
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Originally Posted by ruknd View Post's $450USD new.
As noted on description the SR71A cost much more here in SG retail due to taxes and the price includes A pair of Tysonic Batts, paypal fees and shipping. Anyway, I'm open to some change in price. =)

Just to add the SR71A was alimited run. Not sure If it can be bought new. But the unit I have also surely has at leats 2 yrs of warranty from RSA. =)
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Up for the week
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Been busy lately. But up w/ a price update.
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Up after getting married.

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