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Wow, I had not heard about the 9v9 limit. That is just ridiculous. No dedicated servers was pretty much a deal breaker for me as it was. I'm really hoping that after the initial release when everyone really realizes what the lack of servers means that there will be so much backlash that IW will have to give in.
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I have already canceled my pre-order. I actually did that when I found out they were pricing the PC version at $59.99. The other stuff is just throwing gasoline on the fire. I also took the time to email Infinity Ward and Activision to let them know exactly what I thought of the situation. A port of a console game is not satisfactory for PC gamers.
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I made my decision not to buy it when they decided they could charge $10 more than any other standard PC game. The following announcements cemented that and then some. It's obvious that they no longer care about not just PC gamers, but all gamers. Activision execs only see us as an exploitable source of revenue. Bobby Kotick has even said they would charge more if they could, and indeed they have raised the price of the PC version in the US and I believe all versions in Europe. Several other quotes reinforce that their only intention to milk as much money out of people as possible.
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Originally Posted by Aynjell View Post
Because the transformation from 360 to PC isn't a huge one, and any dev house worth their salt will program for all platforms from the get-go, because superior market saturation equals greater profit margins, for a small amount of time investment.
precisely! this is why I was criticizing Marvin's statement, that making a PC version would be unprofitable

try to read more carefully before attempting to refute someone who shares your same thoughts
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I'm cancelling my preorder after those non-answers they gave at the Best Buy dialog thing. It's kind of ridiculous, how they're taking away basically the mechanics that make up online multiplayer PC gaming.

Sucks too, the preorder was for $45 CAD, which is an awesome deal for a brand new game preorder.
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It's 99AUD and seeing 1AUD = 0.988CAD, you can see just how much we get ripped off in all departments.
[1AUD = 0.919USD]
Yay go Australia!
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PC Gaming is not dying. There is no WOW for consoles for example. But yes the days when fps games was primarily developed for PCs is over. Most people game on the PC but it´s harder to get PC gamers to pay for their games for obvious reasons. One being they are more picky and the other they can so easilly get things for free. Average PC gamer tend to be richer then the average console gamer so money is not the real concern

Now it´s just a matter of exactly how much the ports will actually hurt the PC... The lowest common genomer or what it´s called but most fps games tend to be quite playable on PC take Bioshock and Far Cry 2 for example. You do see the consolitis but it´s really not that bad.

But still a great game is a great games. I buy great games no matter what format and the format it´s best on.

I have a boycott on WW 2 fps games but MW 2 is not that so it´s a buy for me. Infinity Wards knows what they are doing there is no denying that. Treyarch on the other hand have no idea and are trying to clone infinity wards as much as possible

As for protesting its done buy not pirating and playing the game. That´s my ideology anyway.
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Nah, no one really thinks pc gaming is dying. There are people who lust for the cutting edge and will happily buy that top tier gpu. I already know people who have money for a 5970 when it's released and others are saving up for fermi. So pc gaming will never die and so long as the xbox is around, we'll always have ports.

I don't own any current gen consoles, just pcs.
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That is the thing. PC Gamers invest way more in their hardware and I mean lets face it it´s quite hard to resist getting things for free if you can. Take Crysis. nVidia and ATI earned way more money on that game then Crytek ever did. Crytek just got bad PR from all frustrated gamers that have the mindset they need to max things out for maximum experience. If there is anyone winning on piracy it´s the hardware manufacturers.

PC Gaming will always be here. It´s the most common gaming platform it´s just not the most profitable all the time. Glowing exception is World of Warcraft or The Sims of course

I do actually own PS 3/Xbox 360/Wii and PC even though I always go for the PC version when there is multi platform. Console port or not it´s pretty much always the version to own. fps games with gamepad doesn´t really work so laggy mouse steering and such is still a blessing compared to that

PC/Wii is the ultimate combo though. Wii have tons of garbage but it has also some of the best most innovative and fresh experiences out there.

Most interesting Xbox 360/PS 3 titles get ported to PC sooner or later. Though Uncharted 2 is really to good to miss and Forza 3 is a must here too... This is the reason I must own all consoles. Except for the bluray on PS 3 of course.
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I hope that Infinity Ward hasn't let their success get the better of them! After finishing COD4 (a game that was uncharacteristically friendly towards sub-par hardware) and really wanting to play MW2 it seems that IW has just treated the PC like many companies have treated the PS3, as nothing more than a requirement to capture the entire market.

PC gamers and the platform in general made IW what they are today, and now it seems they are just doing the business thing and moving to where the money is.

Still, I'm sure MW2 will sell like gangbusters!
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Probably. I didn't really like COD4 much due to the mp3 annoying kids. CSS is nicely in between CS and COD4.
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I just thought I'd share this chart comparing features between CoD4 and MW2.
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I'm not just because of the loss of features in the PC version.
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Honestly, as a PC gamer, I have nothing to say but YOU TOTALLY HAD IT COMING. Piracy is the reason PC gaming is dying. IW made it very clear that they were fed up with it and that they lost a considerable sum of money to people who illegally downloaded MW1. So the logical shift favors a platform with comparably minute piracy.

Why put extra development into a platform they won't make any money on?
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Haha the best thing about COD4 was how massive it was. I used to play on a 50 slot server and it was pure mayhem. Awesome.

Anyways, Rage is not having dedicated servers. FML.
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