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AKG K319 beats PK2

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*** You may see other good earbuds in my Earbuds buyers guide.

AKG K319 earbud review

Conclusion and rating

For $60 here in Russia, this earbud is a steal, because it sounds better than Yuin PK2 ($80) and almost as good as OK2 ($129). K319 yields only to PK1 ($160) in terms of value. But K319 is not widely available so your price may vary; if it exceeds $100, then I recommend you go with OK2 ($129) or higher earbuds from my Earbud buyer's guide.

According to some AKG representative cited somehere at head-fi, K319s lesser brother K317 is even less expensive while has the same sound (drivers?). Disclaimer: I did not tried K317 myself and I am not willing to do this. Someone call AKG rep to confirm that drivers are the same.

Similarity: it sounds to me like lesser version of K701, lacking K701 details and overtones while keeping its overall sound signature along with incredible speed and clarity. Comparing it to the earbuds, its sound sig is somewhere inbetween of CM700 and OK2, closer to OK2.

  • Can not stand well to the mid-fi cans in terms of resolution.
  • Comfort is average, especially if you listen it under the hat.

K319 placement in my personal headphone ranking chart

I owned or listened to 90+ headphones and I ranked some of them in the chart, which you may find in my Earbuds buyers guide.


Speed and instruments separation are terrific, I can not imagine any music piece may congest K319, either it is orchestra crescendo, speed metal, symphonic metal or psy trance. Yes, K319 lacks some micro details and harmonics comparing to higher competitors, but it also free of any kind of veil - its clarity is absolute and unsurpassed by any other earbud.

Soundstage is pretty wide for earbuds, outside of your head, though yields in depth to the top Yuins starting from OK2 and above. Add precise instruments placement here and you would be most likely pleased with K319 imaging capabilities.

Tonality is slightly dry, frequency response is pretty even, though some may call it bass-light when fit is improper. The only minor peak I discovered is located somewhere in upper mids/lower highs and is rather a feature than disadvantage. In general, K319 shows no preference to any particular frequency range or musical instrument; it is quite impartial and adds little coloration.

Bass impact is from modest to neutral, depth is good and quality is excellent. Mids are distinctive and slightly dry, electric guitars are very welcome, voices are very clear while lack warmth and decay. Highs are a bit accentuated while not extended well, so they are presented well though in some simplistic manner. At the same time I did not notice any harshness or sibilance with K319.

All genres sound well with K319, those fast paced or imaging demanding benefit (say trance). I can not call K319 musical or analytical, fun or lifeless; it is rather objective and transparent - very clean window to the music made of the somewhat cool-tinted glass.

Sensitivity is high; amplification does not improve the sound. Inline volume control alters the sound, making it softer and more delicate if partially closed. I prefer it in position “one mark below the max”.

Build and set

Comfort is average, probably due to the big parts sticking out of the ears. I prefer K319 with silicone rings removed and foams placed. At first, I tried them with both rings and foams put on together – the soundstage and clarity were top notch, but sound signature was too thin and comfort was so-so due to the larger caps diameter. I believe that things may change in other ears, so I like the idea to modify caps size with these silicone rings.

2-component cable is heavier than I like it to be, due to the inline volume control, which is placed on the first, shorter, part of the cable, right below the Y-joint. I do not like it to be there, I think this short part is to be used with players Shuffle or Clip, which already have volume control close to this place. I’d prefer this control to be placed on extending part of the cable or removed at all. The cable itself is round, sleek, flexible and thus non-microphonic; the connectors are slim and would fit iPhone 1st gen recessed headphone port. K319 box set is well completed with both airplane and tiny (read convenient) 3.5 to 2.5 mm adapters.

Also inside is nice semi-rigid carrying pouch. Unfortunately, there are no spare foams or silicone rings inside; those who need more may check my thread
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Nice. I wish I can find this locally but it seems most dealers care little about AKG earbuds or in-ear. All I can find is K311.
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Pics are added.
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Might be able to audition these if the local AKG rep I know have them in stock...
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AKG K319

I will give them 2-3 months of lifetime (everyday use) and I would be surprised if they would work after that time at all.

I have got 2 pairs of AKG K319. Both ended up by one of the earbuds stopped to play any sound, one after 3 months and another (the replacement) after 1 week :O

(personally I think its the problem with design when you push them into ear the two cables that go into the speaker are under that metal cover from the side and by pushing them everyday into ears that cables simply disconects because of that and I am not talking here about some hard pushing only normal push so the buds will fit right, thats why I think its the design problem)

I liked the sound a lot but I hated the build in quality and short lifetime of these buds.
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Do other earbuds serve you well and long?
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I rated K319 #5 in my Earbud buyer's guide.
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Originally Posted by ClieOS View Post
Nice. I wish I can find this locally but it seems most dealers care little about AKG earbuds or in-ear. All I can find is K311.
I may probably ship it to you inexpensively, for something like $10. Let me know if you are interested to PayPal me $60 + shipping and I'll obtain the specific cost of shipping then.
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i am not comfort when using this, i feel that the earbud is not tight enough to my ears. and i feel something "big" in my ears
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Remove silicon ring as I did.

I checked your profile and I see that you also tried many top earbuds. Do you agree with my rating at Earbud buyer's guide?
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I don't think the PK2 deserves a place below the CX300
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Originally Posted by kostalex View Post
Do other earbuds serve you well and long?
Hard to say I have pk1 only for the first month by now and there is no problem at all lets see if they survive my harsh everyday use
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Originally Posted by JuliusL View Post
Hard to say I have pk1 only for the first month by now and there is no problem at all lets see if they survive my harsh everyday use
I think we are considering pk2 and akg k319, not pk1
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Good to hear that the "high res earbud" segment develops positively. Yuin obviously makes such good money out of it that the others want to contribute.

I've come from the orthodox headphone section, I must say that a high res earbud is quite an astonishing experience even compared to the usual big balls headphones.

Take care of your eardrums though. Subjective listening volumes tend to be coupled with distortion, and those tiny drivers have such a little distortion rate that you are likely to listen too loud.
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So, from what i've understand, it is similar to CM700, but slightly better?
I completely dislike Yuins, they do not provide such clarity CM700 has.
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