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Anyone interested in an NZ meet?

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It's summertime soon, and I thought it'd be a cool idea. And by the way, there's an NZ group here. Lemme know if you're interested!

Edit: Ah, bugger. I put this in the wrong forum by mistake. Then again, I'll get more publicity here... I'm sure the mods will move this in due course.
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My vote is for the weekend of 18~20th of Dec or Jan 16~17. Most people will have time off work around this time which fits in somewhat better. Probably around Jan since i'd assume people will be with family around Dec perhaps.

Depends on location as well. I think most people are up north around these waters.

Shove it in your sig perhaps
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Yea, Jan sounds good. The location will depend on (a) who can host it, or if we want to rent a place; (b) where everyone is.
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In before CK
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I'd be interested provided I can arrange transport.
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not dec...fleetwood mac weekend and will be there...maybe Jan?
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Where the hell IS ck, anyway?

Hey, where are you guys from?
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I've asked this before, how to advertise a meet interest thread through our most busy forums. There are ways to search for members in NZ and then send pms to all. As quick as the headphone forum moves threads off the first page, unless you babysit it, it will get lost an an hour or two.
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Then.. bump!
For great justice!
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Good idea, HC, but how do I PM all?
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Im a newbie, but if something was in Auckland i would be interested
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Most of us are newbies. I'm just a newbie with money :P

Events like these should give you more breadth in listening experience!
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And I'm one with bad spending habits.

But yes, the point of the meet would be, of course, to try out different gear of all price points.
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I think most of head-fi has bad spending habits lol. Its rare someone on this forum asks for help and leaves after receiving said help

Hmm.. 3 Wellingtonians (colgateam is Welly). Was really expecting a million Aucklanders to raise hands hmm.. I'll try PM people after exams so.. you dont worry about it, just remind me after Wed perhaps :P
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