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PS3 + DVD-A's

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So I finally have a bluray player since I got the PS3. What are some stand out examples of dvd-a's that I could get to test this capability of the player?
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Sorry to disappoint you, but PS3s can't play the high resolution area of DVD-As.

You can play the discs, but you'll be listening to the DTS layer if you want multichannel.

And you may be able to play hirez stereo if there is such a stream in the -V layer.
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Oh well, good to know. Thanks for the heads up on that.
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If you got the PS3 that supports SACD, then u can get some SACD's to test the capability of the player. Look on the side for supported formats and if SACD is listed, there are several multichannel SACDs worth listening to.
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unless he bought used, the odds of him getting a SACD capable model are next to nill - those haven't been in production for over a year. I'm betting the OP got a slim?
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Sigh...yep, it's a slim. And here I was thinking I had finally joined the current decade with this PS3 purchase
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well, the -V layer of good-sounding DVD-As usually sound very good (for multichannel, the same 5.1 mix, in DD or DTS), and there is sometimes a hirez (24b/48kHz or 96kHz) stereo track in there as well. Check out the AIX releases, Porcupine Tree and the King Crimson releases.

you can also play DADs (Digital Audio Discs) from Classic Records - which are DVD-V with a hirez stereo-only track (see the catalog). Even HDADs will play on your machine, you just wont be able to access the 24b/192kHz are in the -A layer.

talking about dying formats, you can even play Dualdiscs (CD on one side, DVD-V on the other, usually with a hirez stereo track and sometimes multichannel DD/DTS)

Ironically, you can't play SACDs (well, hybrids, but no hirez, only the CD layer)
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Yeah that's one mark against the PS3 v XBox 360, the constant stripping of features. I have an original 60GB model and I don't know what I'm going to do if it dies, I can't replace/fix it easily or cheaply whereas if my XBox 360 dies (I still have my launch day original knock on wood) the replacement will have the same features + an HDMI port.
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If you want to try hi-rez, take a look at one of the Oppo universal disc players or maybe a Sony SCD-CE595 for SACD.

I run both SACD and DVD-A. They're wonderful formats and have superior sound - give them a try. Especially if you love classical, since there's so much of it on SACD.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
If you want to try hi-rez, take a look at one of the Oppo universal disc players or maybe a Sony SCD-CE595 for SACD.
If you're talking about the Oppo 980H DVD-based universal player, you're too late....it's been discontinued and Oppo has no more stock.
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There are actually some music Blu-ray Discs out there, and there should be more on the way. There is some classical stuff, and Neil Young has a boxed set available. Do a search on Amazon for "Blu-ray audio" and you'll see some titles.

I am hoping for this to take off, because I think it has a chance to be more successful than SACD or DVD-A. The BD video specs already allow for multichannel audio at up to 24/192, and there's plenty of space, so if they just produce the discs to work with this, the hardware support will be there as long as they keep making the movie players (and PS3s). It won't be some add-on spec like it was with DVD-A. These discs can be played on a computer, and that's something SACD could never do (by design, of course).

There is some discussion about a new BD audio spec that would allow for a player without video, but the discs would still be compatible with current BD video players. Nonetheless, I think having video on the discs can be helpful for marketing, if nothing else.
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hmm Iron Maiden Flight 666 in Blu-ray...
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I have the Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts on Blu-ray that I got with my really expensive edition.
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Originally Posted by SiriuslyCold View Post
hmm Iron Maiden Flight 666 in Blu-ray...
You know I completely forgot that was available on Blu-ray. I'm definitely getting that!
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2L - the Nordic Sound - I've got most of their work on blu ray (All their blu ray media come bundled with a hybrid sacd disc), they provide an excellent example of how to to start things off.

David Gilmore's performance on bluray is a must have.
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