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Originally Posted by JxK View Post
ljokerl, are you planning on eventually posting your thoughts on the ck10? Or would that just be unfair to all the other high end IEMs?
Like the HD25-1 II in my portable headphone thread, I have a very hard time reviewing something that's part of my own rig. If there's interest (I guess there is) I'll get around to them next week. This week's update does not include them .
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Purchased the Meelec M6 last week in part because of this thread. I received them on Wednesday and I've really enjoyed them. I've had to get used to having a pair of IEM's (these are my first) but I think I'm going to be very pleased with my choice. Great deal for $37 that's for sure.

At first I was slightly disappointed with their sound because I was used to my 2nd gen iPod earbuds. I had gotten used to the loud, heavy, somewhat muddled sound of the earbuds and they became my baseline for what I should be hearing. The M6's offered so much more clarity, mids and highs that I wasn't used to what I hearing. However when listening to both headphones at one time I really understood the differences, or deficiency, in the Apple earbuds. At the same volume the Apple's were louder and less distinct, where as the M6's (once I actually pushed them in my ear enough for a good seal) really started to offer me sound across the whole range.

I haven't ran or workedout with the M6's yet, as that was my intention for getting them, but I think they are going to work out great. Lots of people have had qualms about the memory wire but I've actually been pleased with it and glad I tried it out for a day before cutting them off immediately.
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Well, acevang, good luck with your new phones I hope you enjoy them. If, as I think, the M6 are an improvement over the M9, you've got great phones for the price.
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Klipsch Custom 1 and Custom 2 added. Also added a pic of my new Klipsch S4 w/L-plug.

Hopefully I can concentrate long enough to write up the CK10 this week.

@acevang - Congratulations on making your decision. If you find yourself losing seal while at the gym try re-shaping the memory wire to push against your head to keep the earphones in your ear. And also Sony Hybrid tips .
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Joker, do you think the Klipsch would sound good out of a stinky source? My laptop has a sucky realtek card that my celphone(mytouch 3g) actually beats out >_> With what seems to be a lack of bass, clarity, and separation from my sources--I plugged my PX200-II into one of my school's generic dell lab computers and was like O.o where did this sound come from??--I worry the bass not be enough for my balanced listening tendencies.

Sorry for asking here when I already have a thread on these IEMs, but since you have experience with the RX700 and PX200-II I own, I thought you'd be the best reference I can have without me actually listening to them. Coming from those two headphones, and poorly sourced, do you have any particular suggestions for me? Again, I listen to basically all genres, and one of the main things shying me away from the Klipsch's is their possibly lackluster performance with classical.

Knowing me I might just end up impulse buying the S4s since I can actually go pick those up myself at J&R... lol.
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Assuming you mean the S4, I don't find it particularly forgiving, especially on tracks prone to sibilance. They also tend to hiss a bit out of my netbook's headphone out. Bass will definitely be plentiful on the Klipsch. They sound more similar to the RX700 than the PX200-II - not tight and separated enough to match the Senns.

I've been A:Bing the S4 with the ThinkSound Thunder and RadioPaq Classical all evening and so far I like my non-burned in Classicals the best. The Thunders and S4s have similarly excessive amounts of bass with some tracks, with the S4 sounding 'fuller' and the Thunders sounding 'crisper'. But the Classical beats both in clarity, balance, and smoothness so there you have it. Probably not the answer you were looking for.
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Ahh interesting, for some reason I forgot to mention that I'm trying to decide between the RE0s and S4s unamped.

Thanks for your response =]
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Well, it's no secret that I'm an RE0 fan, so I'd still choose them over the S4 for crappy sources. They cut down on hiss really well, too, and sound great with classical. Yes, the bass will likely be quite low, but get the tips right and they can be somewhat balanced even without eq or an amp.
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Ok cool, thanks!
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Are the PL30s still good when worn cord-down, or are they specifically meant for over-ear?
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The PL30 are not wearable cord-down, same as the PL50, Meelec M6, and other form-fitting over-the-ear designs.
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Damn, well I guess those are out then. M9 it is!
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Can the PL21 still be considered as a competitor even with the M9's recent redesign?
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I think the PL21 is sufficiently different to be considered a competitor, yes. I do prefer the signature of the M9 but the bass can be overwhelming at times. The PL21 is more balanced ad build/fit/microphonics are by no means bad.
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By popular demand: my CK10 review. I didn't want to add to the FOTM craze but I've been promising to post it for a very long time so there it is.
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