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foobar 2k + ASIO setup guide

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Hi I remember seeing a guide to set up ASIO on foobar 2k but cannot find it

I am using a X-fi platinum's SPDIF output that goes to my amp/dac then to my headphones. I have the asio component added to foobar but not sure how to set it up. Do I need to go under output --> ASIO Virtual Devices and create a new one? OR do I simply choose SPDIF Out under the output tab -- 800ms buffer 24 bit and forget about making a new ASIO device? Creative console would be running Audio Creation mode with bit perfect etc.

Can someone please briefly explain how to setup foobar and asio correctly for this setup?

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I just set up Foobar ASIO using this guide. Worked a treat.


Hope that helps.
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Here is the thread, but its pretty dated now.


I use Mac now, so am out of date with Foobar, I do remember sometimes that I had to actually assign channel out to R and L in the Foobar ASIO set up. You probably can get better info though.
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Output --> ASIO Virtual Devices/Add New/ Then under Output/Output Device select Asio.
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hmm those links aren't the ones I was thinking of

the one I remember it was a pic of a scanned magazine article or something, if anyone remembers this let me know

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Was it this one?


The first image looks scanned. I tried to use this first but it was much more convoluted than the first guide that I linked to.
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that's the one!

thanks a lot romulus
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