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B&W Speaker Fans: Need a pair of headphones...

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I am a fan of B&W speakers. I own a pair of CM6s (w/ Rotel amp) and enjoyed what i've heard from the 800 series as well.

I also own a pair of Senn HD580 headphones. Although they are a great set of headphones, I find that they are much more laid back, the midrange less detailed, and the bass not quite as tight as my B&W sound.

Obviously, its all subjective and headphones are a different animal, but those really familiar with the B&W line, do you have any recommendations for headphones that will best simulate their profile and audio quality? I'm shooting for the 150-200 price range, but could bump it up to 300 if it really gets me significant improvements above that price range. I'm in Houston, and there seems to be limited shop options for me to audition. Thanks in advance...
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Try the K-701/2, about speakers...check out the Adams studio monitors.
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Nooooo! Adam's are not nearly as musical as B&W's. They lack the ability to "sing" .. I own Adamn A5's so I can attest. K701/-2s would be a longshot as well..

Hmm, the 800-line is awfully relaxed sounding and balanced being quite musical as well. It's able to play melodies and dynamics quite effortlessly, given that they're properly amped..

Haven't heard the CM6's, but if they're anything close to the 802s I've spent time with extensively, I would probably suggest something like, hmm, maybe AD2000? They are a bit bright though when compared to the B&W sound, but very engaging and musical. Only problem with B&W speakers to me is the bass, it's not very controlled or just needs the absolutely optimal setting in terms of room-acoustiqs..
Being smooth, the new HE-5 orthodynamic might be close to its presentation. (Totally guessing here since I haven't heard them) They've been reported about having that certain sweetness..
I actually thought about this a while ago and couldn't think of anything that you could dub as the headphone of B&W-sound.. I might lack reference though. :/
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The Adams A5 and the A7 maybe nice, but I meant to the S3-A
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I find the Denons have a similair sound character as B&W speakers (especially B&W's 600 series)
Slight recessed mids, big bass and sparkly treble.
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I've never found "sparkly treble" to be a characteristic of B&W speakers... I've never liked the Denon cans myself. Smiley curve means it doesn't play what's most important, music
The D7000s did not play notes at all in the bass area, but somewhat true that it's the closest characteristic it might share with B&Ws..
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Originally Posted by Acix View Post
The Adams A5 and the A7 maybe nice, but I meant to the S3-A
Oh, I've heard the S3-A and it surely is a good monitor, but just that. They can't play music as it should be enjoyed, I think..
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I had an oppotunity to audition B&W 802 speakers at the local audio shop a couple of weeks ago. This was one of the series of events they held every thursday night for the last three weeks. People from the audio industry (Willson audio, B&W, Krell, McIntosh etc.) came to the event and presented their latest products.
Anyway, based on the audition from the event, I thought my HD580 was pretty close to the 802 speakers in terms of overall tonal balance. By the way, those 802 speakers were mighty impressive.
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Yes, tone is somewhat close to a bit more balanced HD650...
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You will get a lot of different answers to this question. I own, and LOVE, B&W N800 Signatures. There is not a single pair of headphones I have owned or tried that sound exactly like them. Sorry to say.

That said, I also love my JVC DX1000, and if you like the B&W sound, you might well like them as well, although I do not think they sound the same.
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I have owned a pair of the 801 Matrix S3 for 11 or 12 years an sI also own a pair of N803 and I am a big fan of the B&W sound. I have in my sights a pair of N801D or N800D.

Now regarding headphones I would say that I agree with Skylab probably the DX1000 and also in my opinion the D7000 are the closest to the B&W sound. If you ask me to pick just one I would say the Denon but again I have them with the Markl mods (partial), JMoney ear pads and balanced. My DX1000 are stock.

i don't think you will go wrong with either one.
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I to am a bigfan of metal tweeters,have B&W and Monitor Audio Silver speakers.
Could be one of the reasons that I love the SA5000 and for closed the CD3000,both fantastic phones for top end sparkling detail.
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Originally Posted by Acix View Post
Try the K-701/2, about speakers...check out the Adams studio monitors.
lol have you ever heard b+w speakers? opposite sound to these two above.

I wish there was a phone like you're looking for. Your only chance is in fairlly expensive phones. I bet the new orthos HE5 and LCD2 woud fit the bill, but they are 600.

you may want to just invest in a better amp for the HD580. I know that sounds lame, but since the bw sound is definitely relaxed/balanced, you aren't going to like 99.99% of the phones out there that are way brighter, and tweaking the hd580 may give you the treble sparkle and tigtness you're looking for.
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my dad has the b&w 802's driven by all krell equip so its hard to find a headphone thats on par with that but i have the denon ah-d7000's which i think are in many ways similar to the 802 except i think the 802 is warmer sounding.... i also have the senn 650 which with certain vocal music with a good recording i find to be very similar and with the right recordign simply amazing... i know i may have a lot to learn in the headphone world but thats what my experience is thus far.... and mind you i'm driving my headphones with the benchmark dac1 hrd which may or may not be the best headphone amp for my needs.... i havef given some thought to upgrading the amp but not really sure where to go with that... or maybe even get more cans
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Oh, I wish I had the speakers and the amps that your dad has. I also had an opportunity to audition Modulari Duo speakers from Krell with their Evolution 600 at the same audio shop, and almost cried. Krell amps were really impressive.

Krell Industries, Incorporated, America's premiere manufacturer of high-end audio equipment: award-winning amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD players, DVD players, surround/sound processors, loudspeakers
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