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Have you ever wanted to get Comply tip but was confused about which tip is right for you?
Now you don't have to compromise your hearing comfort and sound quality just because you can't find right tip?

Unclewilsons' is proud to announce the easier way to choose the right Comply Tip easier and faster - Comply Tip-Selector.

1. Choose the number of pairs of tip you wish to purchase
2. Choose your earphone's brand and then the model to find the right Comply model for your earphone.
3. Find the correct code for the pair & the earphone you want. Include this code in 'Order Comment' section during your check-out!

Comply Tip-Selector is/will be available as an option for all earphones sold in Unclewilsons' Superstore!

See bottom of this page to try it out NOW!: Uncle Wilson - UE 4 Vi

Happy Listening!
Unclewilsons' Superstore