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Nothing beats good old mustard gas.
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Ever come across a potato that has been left in a damp, un-ventilated, dark cabinet for about 3 months in the middle of a ridiculously hot summer in an apartment with little to no proper climate control? I have no idea how it got there or how my roommate and I went another 3 months without smelling it or opening the cabinet but when we finally did, the rancid smell was awful and would not dissipate.

I've got to second diesel. We use it up here to freeze protect oil wells and whenever we pull tools and there is a bit of trapped pressure, the people closest to the toolstring (AKA me, in many cases) usually get a good dousing. Sucks even more when it happens the day you're flying home and don't have time to take a shower before you have to catch the plane...
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Vomit. Can't stand it.
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Originally Posted by Menisk View Post
Vomit. Can't stand it.
Indeed. I forgot that one.

Vomit makes me vomit.
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Originally Posted by bass_nut View Post
i remember dissecting sharks in a biology lab decades ago .. wearing double rubber gloves did not save my hands to pick up the smell.. how bad ? ey, it will make a human cadaver in the human anatomy lab smell like Armani

hence, i prefer Durian
That stench, it's formaldehyde, I think...

I remember it well. A good friend of mine was dissecting a fetal pig, when he fainted in the middle of the lab. When he fell down, he hit his face on the desk, and chipped his front tooth. It's that bad, I guess
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How about when your 9 year-old son almost ignites frozen shrimp in the microwave...took weeks for that smell to dissipate.
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Stinky Tofu, seriously.
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When I was in HS back in 72, a classmate brought a stray cat that had just died to biology class. The plan was to boil the meat off of it and reassemble the skeleton. This was a small country school of about 480 students in grades k through 12, with 7 through 12 on one side of the building. About 30 minutes into the cat boiling, they had to evacuate the half of the school building that the science lab was in for the rest of the afternoon. Sickest smell I have ever experienced.
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That's one way to learn :S
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Have none of you actually smelled New Jersey? Or are you just afraid to admit it?
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The bathroom after someone has gone number 2.
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Originally Posted by Ducks_own View Post
That's one way to learn :S
i agree

hhmm.. how about neglected gangrenous diabetic foot ?!!!
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hockey locker room
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Butanoic acid - just dreadfull
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Your butt.
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