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Worst smell ever?

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What is the worst smell ever? And could a seriously bad smell cause death?
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New Jersey. Yes, hydrogen sulfide.
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My older half-brother
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For me, it is a Diaper Decor full of used diapers. Kill me with whatever is handy...
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Calcium Carbide mixed with water...stinky enough to make your eyes water.

Add an ignition source, in a closed enviroment, and it will blow you apart
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The tar-like substance that newborns try to pass off as poop... who are they trying to fool with that foul mess??
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Originally Posted by Laokid18 View Post
omg so delicious
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rotten durian fruit.
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The smell of death
Fried transformer
Burned hair
Liquid Ass (Funny Pranks with Liquid ASS.)
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Burning plastic.

If you've ever had a plastic spatula or something fall onto the heating element in your dishwasher, and then been assaulted by the overwhelming fumes when you opened the dishwasher... then you know why I put it first on my list. It's far, far worse than the most pungent, putrid poop. It's also toxic: it can contain dioxin and carbon monoxide, among other less-than-desirables. And the choking fumes seem to soak into every porous and semi-porous material in the house and just stick around, no matter how long you freeze yourself with your doors and windows open.

Some other nauseating smells, in no particular order:
Rotting garbage
Formaldehyde (thanks a lot, biology instructor!)
Tobacco smoke
Baby diapers
Baking parmesan cheese
Skunk spray
Cat pee
Pig manure
Cow manure
Most anything deposited in a steaming heap by a wild animal
The football team's locker room
Dad's farts
Burnt Ryvita rye crackers (thanks a lot, mom!)
Stinky diesel trucks
Exhaust from an oil-burning junker
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Once when i was on a train i noticed a strange odour, when i got out the railroad car was surrounded by thick white smoke, probably some cooling fluid evaporating because of a failure of some sort, really terrible stuff.

Not very healthy chemicals
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nothing smells worse than OLD LADY

enough of that smell will cause death by suicide
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i remember dissecting sharks in a biology lab decades ago .. wearing double rubber gloves did not save my hands to pick up the smell.. how bad ? ey, it will make a human cadaver in the human anatomy lab smell like Armani

hence, i prefer Durian
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the smell of an ear lobe after you've removed the stretcher out of it :S
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