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Bought a Predator from CodeScripted. Arrived quickly & perfect shape

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I bought a RSA P-51 Mustang amp from CodeScripted. He was very pleasant to deal with and amp arrived very quickly & in excellent shape. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Highly recommended.
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I bought a RSA Raptor. The item was packed very well and shipped within a day of receiving payment. He is a great asset to the head-fi community! Item in excellent condition as described in ad.
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CodeScripted bought my Benchmark DAC1 Pre, very fast payment with excellent communication. Highly recommended.
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CodeScripted bought my Phonitor. Excellent communication. Fast payment. Highly recommended!

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Bought a Pico Slim from CodeScripted. Excellent transaction, fast shipping, perfect packaging. Grade AAA Head-Fi-er!!

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Purchased a Benchmark DAC1PRE from CodeScripted who was excellent to deal with in every way. Took the time to answer all questions in detail, was realistic about price, properly and promptly packaged and shipped as requested (international), DAC exactly as described. I can only hope to purchase audio gear from him again in the future.

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Sold my STUDIO to CodeScripted.  Communication with him was great and paid prompt.  Highly recommended.

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I bought an RSA SR71a portable amp from CodeScripted. He was quick to answer my many many many questions. He even shipped it overnight at my request and covered half of the costs. Amp doesn't have a single blemish and it came with all original accessories (box and velvet bag). A+ Head-Fier. Thanks man.

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Purchased my HE60, HEV70, and my Aristaeus. Great buyer very quick with payment, would gladly do business with again.

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I recently bought CodeScripted's Edition 8 Palladiums.  What an outstanding seller!  The transaction was complicated by the fact that the headphones had been the subject of a cosmetically less-than-perfect repair job, and CodeScripted had been working with Ultrasone to resolve the matter.  To make a long story short, because of CodeScripted's diligence, I should be getting a replacement pair of Edition 8s -- a brand new pair at a used price!  Good deal!


Throughout the whole process, CodeScripted has been exceptionally open, communicative, and helpful.  I couldn't have asked for a better transaction...I highly recommend CodeScripted as a seller and would gladly do business with him again.


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