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Pics of my long sought after headphone bag

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I must have bought five different bags trying to figure out a safe way to lug my equipment and my HD600s to work safely. Either a bag was too bulky or too small without enough protection. Finally a week ago I was walking by a camera store and had a brainstorm when I saw this upright sitting camera bag that wasn't very big, but looked well padded. I returned with my HD600s and low and behold, when I slipped the headphones into the bag standing upright, it was just the right fit! The bag is made in Germany by Rowi. I believe the model is called the "Loader". I paid around 50 dollars for it. Anyway, here's some pics. The bag is a great fit for HD600s.
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I have no idea how to post pics here. Here's one of the closed bag.
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Are you still in BKK?
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Looks nice.
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Yes, kajohndet. And stay away from that bag if you see it sitting forgotten in the back of a taxi!
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I dunno about the rest of you but, these days, I'd be avoiding *ANY* unattended bag regardless of the probable contents.
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my friend will take care of it

I am not in BKK right now. I'm in Chicago for study, but don't worry, I'll tell my friend to keep it for me if they find it somewhere attended or left unattended

By the way, I've thought about finding this kind of bag (that can hold full-sized cans, coz I personally own 580). I've searched in Bestbuy and some superstores like this but couldn't find one that large enough or fit enough. So now do I need to wait for next year (after graduation) to go back and get it at my home country?

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I love the fit of this case. It give me just enough room for a few extras like minidisc, batteries and of course portable amps and players.
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I want one
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A great fit for team Sennheiser members!
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very cool...
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I just did a quick search and found half a dozen such camera bag manufacturers. The possibilities for portable headphone bags are practically endless!

here's a nice one (despite the size):

13x7.5x8". Can't you imagine though? A CD player in one end pocket, a 5x5x1 JMT amp in the other, 48 CD's/headphones in the large center pocket, batteries/misc in the front pocket... *siiigh*

great for traveling, totally useless for most portable situations though I'm sure.
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Yes.. portability, I call portability being small enought that you can fit everything in your pockets... that is... big pockets..
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that's what cargo pants are for!

yeah, if life were fair I'd have an Apple I-Pod (with a 10 gig hd and the software to use the thing while I'm dreaming). then I wouldn't have to worry about being able to fit (at least) 48 CD's into a case along with headphones and an amp. then again, with a really good CD-based portable system you can have a higher fidelity system away from home.

dammit, I want that bag!
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