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First try at DIY speakers. (total noob)

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Hey I'm a High Schooler with no income. I'm looking to build some new speakers on the cheap. I already have all of the tools and just need your opinions on some stuff.

These are the drivers i was looking at:

Pioneer A11EC80-02F 4-1/2" Full Range Driver


Vifa A16CG-21-04 6-1/2" Coaxial Speaker w/Audax Tweeter

Which would sound better? If you can recommend anything better go for it.

This is the design i was looking at:


I really like the floorstanding designs. This design calls for some high end drivers. These are way out of my price range. The design would obviously have to be adapted to fit a different set of drivers. how would i go about this? If there is a better design you can recommend then throw it at me. I have a very good knowledge of geometry, and could build this type of design in my sleep.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I've searched for a thread on speaker building and couldn't find anything. Just a suggestion: a simple easy to understand DIY speaker thread would be awesome.

Thanks, in advance.
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Enclosures, for the most part, are designed for a particular driver. They may work very poorly if you attempt substitutions! The Feastrex is a very different thing than the drivers to which you linked! There are times when you can substitute on driver for another, but it ain't necessarily stuff for beginners!

I am a big fan of fullrange/wideband drivers (as I ought given that I sell them). I think that Pioneer would be an excellent place to start! You could email Planet_10/Dave and see if he thinks any of the spawn family (of big vent reflex and back loaded horn enclosures, a family of which the design to which you linked is a member) would work with them.

I highly recommend an enclosure known as the BIB. See here: Bigger Is Better 'BIB' Cabinet Dimensions - ZillaSpeak Little fullrange drivers can be great fun. They can't move much air however, and the BIB's horn loading and quarter wave resonance provide great acoustical assistance.

BIB's are very easy to build, but still exotic enough to be fun, and will get the most out of little drivers. I had a giant pair for 8" drivers in my living room for a couple of years. Click the link to "how to build. . ." and there will be spreadsheet you can use to determine the specs that would fit the Pioneer. I can give you a hand if it is confusing, or email Godzilla/Jeff, whose website that is. I didn't plug in the numbers, but you may also consider an upside down BIB, known in some parts as the iBIB, or it's variant the iBIBk. Notice that the driver position changes to make it work. You're going to see some funny frequency response charts for BIB's as you search around. Keep in mind that those are simulated anechoic response, and that they do something substantially different in real life!

Whatever you do, choose something proven, simple and cheap. You'll learn a great deal, and hopefully, you'll be hooked!

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I love full range singledrivers, too. Run a few searches for Voigt Pipes. Their cabinets are inexpensive and simple to build. Also, you can use a variety of speakers in them - from inexpensive to high end. You could build them with cheap drivers now, then upgrade to better ones a few years down the road.

Another great thing is that you can run them off a low power single-ended triode tube amp. Those are special and there are many terrific designs out there.
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