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After ChiUniFi 3 - Vinyl Listening & Meal

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Ray offered to put me up after the ChiUniFi 3 meet so I can drive back in the morning instead of that evening. Ray mentioned if anyone else from out of town attending ChiUniFi 3 needed a place to crash that night to drop him a PM.

Additionally I was talking with Ray about listening to his in new phonostage after the meet, he mentioned if there were others interested to invite them over for some vinyl listening through his speaker system. Ray also offered to provide a meal for those attending the ChiUniFi 3 meet.

If anyone is interested in going to Ray's after ChiUniFi 3 for some vinyl listening and a meal prepared by his lovely wife Grace, please RSVP with him through a PM to let him know you would attend.

For those on the fence, it has always been an enjoyable evening after a meet at Rays.

Thanks Ray
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You are welcome, if you wish to attend...

So far we have 3 head-fiers who will be coming over to my place for vinyl listening. Who ever wishes to come please get in touch with me as my wife is preparing a dinner & we would like to know how many are attending.
We have enough space for five more head-fiers.
Ray Samuels
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Ray this sounds like fun, I just recently saw your generous offer to put me up. Sadly I will not be able to attend the Chicago meet, not a lot of spare cash at the moment.

Hope you have a great time say hi to Grace for me.
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I just got home and wanted to thank Ray and Grace. As usual they are great hosts and the dinner was fantastic.

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Garlic. :-)
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Ray & Grace,
Thank you so much for having us over, we really had fun. The Wife is enjoying the garlic aroma

Don't forget I need to hear that phono stage when it's done.
Todd & Steve
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