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Originally Posted by eiraku View Post
Ah, was thinking they will shoehorn a DAC in the 3D.
And, pardon my lack of knowledge, but what's the advantage of a digital volume control anyway?
Yep id like to know that too. would it make it any cleaner?
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Any noticeable hiss with this amp? Torn between this and the tomahawk, also will the T3D be the same size as the T3? What about price of the T3D. Is there anyone else out there who can provide a comparison of the T3 to the Tomahawk

Found answer on hiss in another T3 thread
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The T3 is an amazing amp for its size. I'm still experimenting with the 4 gain settings. I should also say that I use it with IEM's from the Shure 530 to the Klipsch S4. I rarely use 0dB, but I do change depending on the source to +3dB, +8dB and +10dB (rarely).

It seems that for me, the +8dB setting is best (1st gain switch set to 2, 2nd set to 3). Great bass, vocals, just overall a helluva portable amp. And you can't beat the price and the fact that it gets shipped from China to south Florida in a couple of days (if it in fact is coming from China).
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A note for Aussie Head-Fiers :

I just ordered the T3 and the total came to 136USD - Paypal did the conversion at over 90c US and the total came in at a little over 150 AUD. I dont know if this amp will live up to the hype, but what else can you get for less than the asking price of the iPod Nano ? As a guide to those who dont pay our prices, the Fiio E5 is almost $50 here ....

That said, if performance doesn't match the hype, it hasnt cost me $500 to find out for myself. Win-win, IMO.
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A definite win situation for you estreeter, i don't think you will be disappointed. A very nice micro amp indeed, i don't know what iem's you use on the move, but it does pair up with ER4's very nicely.

On a side note, if you are anywhere near Richmond, you are more than welcome to test listen any of the amps i have kicking around the place.
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Thanks Nickyboyo, but thats about a 700km drive from my place

I use Sony IEMs at work, but I am most interested in seeing what this can do with fullsize cans : even if its not ground-shaking, it will give me a frame of reference when I am reading one of HPA or Skylabs reviews, along with impressions from others.
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There is a noticeable hiss at times with my iPod. Came here to see whether it's a standard. It is annoyong. Aside from that, I am more than happy with the sound the T3 offers.
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hey guys, i just bought a t3d but my ATH ES7 arent sounding any different. do u guys have any earphones to recommend? i dont mind earbuds too. thanks!

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Just got the ibassoT3 and ATH-ESW9 using with a 3rd gen ipod, very nice.

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I've got my T3 hooked up via LOD to my iPod and haven't noticed any hiss.  I don't get any hiss off my computer setup either.  

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It's not so much a hiss, but rather is a cracking noise. But hiss too. Especially on my IEMs. Don't tell me I'm the only one hearing it!! You are more likely just not paying any attention to it.


As for the earphones, I'd recommend Fischer Audio's Eterna (dynamic) or a DBA-02 (double-driver balanced armature, which I have). Check out their respective threads here; they're receiving a lot of praise.

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i tried the t3d at a local shop

there's only hissing when it's been charged and it's only in the left channel

hope this helps

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