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The search function is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Without it I would have never discovered MEElectronics. I pulled the trigger on the clear M6 so that it would look like I work with Jack Bauer. I hope I won't be disappointed.
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I bought a set of RE0 a while back and still wear my clear M6 phones everyday.
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I also jumped on the bandwagon and bought myself and talked my brother into buying some too after doing a lot of searching and probably useless procrastination. Happy to say I have no regrets in purchasing these at all, they are exactly what I wanted and hoped them to be. I use them every day at school, somewhat inexpensive so I can through them around and not have to worry to much but the sound quality is still up there.
My only problem so far has been my first set the wiring around the plug was faulty after one day of use, after a quick email to Meelec a replacement pair was sent and because I live in Australia they said not to bother sending the old ones back. At first I was a bit bummed when they broke so quickly but after that lovely dose of customer service I remembered why I bought these. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a great sounding cheap pair of 'phones.
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I just got them no more than 2 hrs ago in the mail(I live just south of MEElectronics) and I am absolutely blown away by their performance right out of the box! For the first half hour I was listening to them with the pre-installed triple sleeves and it was comfortable so I stayed with it but then I read you need a good seal to get maximum performance. I switched out to the medium sleeves and BAM! Bass impact supreme! It has thump rather than a bloated mess and I will primarily use these with a phone or portable player which all have AAC/128 files so I don't need to be over critical on sound detail. I needed something small and something that won't easily get yanked out for when I skate and these M6's fit the bill. Finally an IEM that stays securely in my ear without having to adjust it every so often.

I'll post more once I have more hours on them and if they can hold up through my skate sessions.
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Still using my M6's pretty much everyday, doing great.

As others have noted the copper in the memory wire is really going green now, very nasty looking hahaha... At least it's not on the outside of the covering so won't be going near my skin. Only an optional structural area so won't effect sound.

As for the tips, I'm using the medium ones now as I feel they are the best for me. Triple ones don't give me a good seal.

They are good but I still find they keep coming out of my ears, losing the seal slowly after walking around no matter how I use them.

So what other tips are people using for a better seal which lasts with their M6's?


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Glad I removed my memory wire. I am using Shure E2C orange foam tips.
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I also removed the memory wire. And I'm using the sony hybrid tips (EP-EX10A).
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My ones are green too, I will wait till it will be whole green, if it will be cool i will let it be, if not i will just remove memory wire Its just oxidation - When copper is oxidized, however, it forms a unique patina layer that, in addition to the color change you can see, provides a protective barrier that you cannot see. While oxidation leads to the corrosion and corruption of some materials, it does not affect the stability of copper.
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Hahaha, might look cool all green yeah .

How do they fit without the memory wire? I'm worried they might lose the seal from your ear faster than with them.

Seems like there is a large variety of tips being used. I thought these IEM's had a strange size to fit?

I was looking at these but don't know if they fit. I think someone said they need to be "decored" or something.

10 MEDIUM Foam Sleeves Ear tip SHURE EABKF1-10M PA910M on eBay (end time 21-Feb-10 00:25:48 GMT)
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I got the mediums on there and what's wrong with the memory wire? I find it helps secure the earpiece in place.

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Maybe sealing the end with a drop of glue or silicon sealant would help to stop this happening, when you first get them?
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absolutely, coz it reacts with H2O and air
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Mine are in between .
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after stumbling across this thread i think im going to take the plunge and order a set of clears.

Been wanting to upgrade for a long time as my cx300's are pretty crappy but with a budget of only £60 ive been getting mixed reviews on what i shoulod get.

will order some Complys, Hybrids and Vsonics to go with them so hopefully will get a good seal with one of them.

Thanks all
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