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Yep sure does, unfortunately it means buying many different types to get the right fit I guess . Hehe, I'm happy with the small tips for now but I might try some foam ones (or others that isolate more) as I still can hear trains etc a bit too much for my liking, even though they're very good compared to most.
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off topic I suppose but I'm finally listening to some my chemical romance with these, and OMG the clarity and separation are so much better than my marshmallows! The mids and highs are SOOOO detailed!!!!!
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Yep, miles better than the Marshmallows I moved on from too .
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How would you rate the M6 against Turbine, regardless of the price differences?
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Ok, the M6s are burned in (48 hrs.) & using the tri-flange tips I get a fair seal. The mid-bass hump is still dominant, so I can't listen to them long enough to review the other qualities. The supplied tri-flange tips slide on the tube about half way & one has already come off in my ear! I guess they will always sound like crap with the iPod Nano 5g. With the Tosh T400 the bass is a bit improved, but still intrudes too much for me. Detected an annoying character to the symbols & electric guitar on some tracks that I can only describe as brittle or scratchy. Wish I could think of the right descriptive words. Overall, I think they perform just OK, but it is dependent on the music. They will probably be heading for the junk drawer, as I am reluctant to spend any more money for tips to try & salvage them.
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Hi all, I think this is my first post on this forum (but have been consulting a loong time as there's so much info and know-how here!) and thought I'd post one that might be of special interest (and profit) for European Head-Fi'ers.

I was looking for new IEM's to hook-up with my Zune and, well, to buy some IEM's as I have only some Koss KSC75 (Thanks again to this forum).

After some reading I decided on these M6 but when I wanted to order them from their Website it stated they didn't ship to Spain. Somewhere on this forum I read that they might do so if contacted by email, which I did.

And after some very friendly and fast emails I was given 2 shipping options for Spain, USPS First Mail at $6 and USPS Priority Mail at $14
I was invoiced using PayPal in dollars which makes a big difference as a lot of Online sellers/stores just change the currency but not the amount!! (For example, $30 is often just changed to 30€, which in reality is $44 !!! These are just random numbers btw)

Until I receive the M6's I can only say that the Customer Service received from them is top notch, very friendly and very fast replies!
So, if you're from Europe and want to buy these, just send them an email. (Addresses on their Website)
Price paid with shipping included is just under 30€ (Almost half (!) as what some online stores charges!!)

I asked them in one of my emails if they could post directly on this forum or by contacting the Site's Admin and maybe announce this themselves, as a lot of European Head-Fi'ers would have access to their products!
Sorry, for this long, bit off-topic, post but just wanted to share this and maybe help fellow (european) forum members.

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Yes that price is really good compared to example Overstock where is only shipping to EU for 30€ + 30€ headphones ... Ive already ordered and paied for M6 too 43$ shipped to Slovakia, this weak they have to arrive (hope tommorow :-D but as i know USPS they will come at Friday). You should type how long does ït took USPS until M6 comed to you :-D
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I'm really enjoying my M6's now! Sound's great. Just can still hear the train noise a lot, even after trying out all the tips (They fit and seal great but still) so I really do need to order better isolating ones.
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Just got my M6 today. First impressions: pretty decent earphones for the money. In terms of mids, highs, and overall sound, they are considerably better than my previous earphone, the Radius Atomic Bass. I'm using them unamped with an iRiver H10 and they sound pretty solid. I'm noticing quite a lot of detail that was missing with my last phones but they were so skewed towards the low end, that it really doesn't really surprise me. I'll burn them in tonight and hopefully the sound is even better afterwards. I'll post my thoughts on the results of burn-in. They are definitely fun to listen to. You definitely can't ever call these boring.

I've got a good seal with both the large single flange and tri-flange, however the tri-flange isn't as comfy as the large single flange.

In terms of appearance, I really can't stop looking at these things. They are beautiful! They remind me of transparent custom ear monitors.

Others have complained about the memory wire over the ears. It doesn't really bother me but at the same time, I don't really need it either. If you bend it correctly then it can fit your ears rather nicely and securely. The cord winder and carry bag are a nice touch as well.

Overall I'm pretty happy with my purchase.
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Got mine yesterday, I am burning them on head . Just what can i say i love them so fun and beautifull phones .
I used them today morning for jogging/running and they fit really well, great for sport IMHO.
btw. with memory wire it took maximum 30s to get on, dont know why everyone complained about it ...
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Originally Posted by expresado View Post
btw. with memory wire it took maximum 30s to get on, dont know why everyone complained about it ...
30s is a lot of time .

I just got a 2nd set (clear ones) and I have to say - these are still my favorite $40 IEMs.

Got some de-cored olives on them and they sound great - just the type of pick-me-up sound I need. Probably the best seal one can get with these, too, though isolation is still pretty average.
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joker 10s after some experiences and please throw in link where to buy tips that you use, i am considering comply T200, coz. with original tips i cant get proper seal with left ear
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Just regular Shure Olives with the inner cores removed.
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So guys, what tips do you reckon is the best for isolation and the M6 together?
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got the $2 vsonic foams from eBay today. One of them seems broken, because the inner ring thingy was flattened, but with it attached to the M6 earphone, it doesn't appear to make a difference

Isolation seems better, fit is WAY better, bass is definitely better. They're kinda stiff tho, and a bit large. If you're looking for another set of tips, get these first. Even if they're not perfect, if they do work for you, you just saved a good bit of money (and if they don't work, well you only lost $2 and it's probably going to run you around $18 to get a good enough set of tips anyways)
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