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FREE $875 Emmeline HR2 Headphone Amp - Page 4

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Originally Posted by Flavio T View Post
Just a TEASER: You will NOT believe what our next contest will be awarding the next winner!
Originally Posted by MrGreen View Post
I'll review the HR2 I'm going to win in order to claim that HD800

Thanks for great contests!
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Received the amp today. As it is set(?) to 120V itll be a little while (?) before I can use it. Will post review when I've done it. cheers

fast delivery by the way. I've had things coming from the other side of australia take twice as long

edit: if I cant get info from ray as to whether this has dual primaries or not, I'll probably just go a stepdown transformer - which could become useful in the future anyway. One way or another I'll get this baby up and running.

edit:: Some pics for those who are curious (I'm a terrible photographer)

^ Australian 5 cent piece is the glowing circle

From the front (somehow it looks purple even though its not purple at all).

It should be in use shortly after christmas.
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Shucks, missed by a few thousand kilometers......
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Ordered a stepdown today. Should be able to use it by new years or a little while after depending on delays due to the holiday season
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The amp is in use now (at this very moment, actually). Quite like it.
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