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*looks* awesome..
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Originally Posted by sachu View Post
Audeze releases waterfall and low freq extension plots of the LCD-2..by god it looks phenomenal..

Holy moly!

Dammit...looks like I have to find a way to raise funds...
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That's a pair of serious graphs the second ortho wave is getting very interesting.
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Man those things are ugly. Having read about the LCD-2 in the HE5 thread I was excited to pick one of them to make a foray into orthos, but I think the decision has been made for me by way of aesthetics, unless the LCD-2 undergoes a major headband redesign before it is actually released. I am all for the importance sound quality, but if the LCD-2 and HE-5 are in the same league, I couldn't buy the LCD-2 as it stands.
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Leather/pleather pads on the LCD-2, and velour on the HE5?

The LCD-2 gets my vote. My experience with orthos is that sealing the ear chamber is of paramount importance. I wasn't greatly impressed with the LCD-1 because the donor headphone was so lame, but the driver was a sweet bit of kit. I'd be very keen to hear this new version. As for the headband, yes its not as pretty as the HE5, but I'll bet that it's more comfortable given the weight of these big ortho drivers. As for overall looks, they're both better than any pretty headphone which has had a Jenalabs cable put on it.
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I've pruned this thread to get it back on topic, and the appropriate notifications/warnings were sent.
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I actually like the somewhat industrial design of the LCD-2 headband. Couple that with the leather pads and the awesome drivers, and the LCD-2 wins out for me. All I need is a good cable with a 4 pin XLR, and that should be easy enough to come by.
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Steve, it is calling out to you - just wish it would hit the shelves already ..dB
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Oh it's a certainty. Now if I can just get this Don guy to tweak them if necessary.
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probably out chasing windmills or some such thing - go find a field of tulips and wave a bottle or Talisker in the air...... he will surely come ..dB
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Aint you a master tweaker Steve ?
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any idea as to whether they will be out by xmas ?
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Originally Posted by Kabeer View Post
Aint you a master tweaker Steve ?
Lol, that makes me sound like some kind of professional drug user.

But to answer your question...after hearing the LCD-1 that Don tweaked, I've decided he is the master. And it didn't even hurt to admit that.
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IwantIwantIwantIwantIwantIwantIwantIwant and with the glossier dark finish... Thank you very much santa.
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Man, I am sooo ready for these. I'll bribe Santa and Mrs. Clause for an early Christmas!
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