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Possible burnout on a Little Dot I+. How can I tell for sure?

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Hey guys, the other day my TI-89 fell off my shelf and onto the tubes in my Little Dot. The tubes were clearly knocked part-ways out of the sockets, so I hurriedly turned the amp off. I waited about an hour before messing with it, and I reseated the tubes and turned it on. Everything seemed to be working fine. But just in case, I wanted to put in some 6JIs into it in place of the 408As to make sure nothing was amiss. So I took them out and put in the 6JIs. I turn the tube amp on and everything seems okay, until I notice the tubes are glowing really bright...10 seconds in and all of the sudden, smoke starts coming out of the headphone jack. I rush to turn in off, wondering what the problem was. I pull out the tubes, which after 15 seconds are quite warm to the touch, which is very unusual. I open the bottom and I am greeted with a puff of smoke. Turns out in my haste to change the tubes, I neglected to flip the switch for the different tubes. So now I don't know what to do. I don't think it is safe to turn it back on with any tubes in it at all. If it was smoking, some damage was done for sure. But how can I tell what kind of repairs it needs? I don't wanna send it back to David, because the shipping costs both ways, plus any repair costs could probably buy me a similar amp. Any suggestions? I don't know how I forgot to change the settings, but I did and now I don't know a safe way to test it. Thanks!
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Bump. There is no one I can send it to so that they can take a look at it? Nothing I can do to figure out if it works? I don't want to plug it in and try it again...that would likely cause an electrical fire. Does anyone repair these things?
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Others have done this, and here's a thread where someone asked about it: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f5/lit...advice-406725/

Godspeed said in another thread that the resistors are "1/4 watt 20 ohms with 1% tolerance and metallic cover (not carbon)." If you are handy with a soldering iron, you can replace those yourself. I'm not sure about how to go about getting it done somewhere.
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Alright, thanks a lot for that. I am decent with a soldering iron, so I will see what I can do.
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SirDrexl is right.
I did the same shizzle to my LD1+ and was able to fix it by myself.

look here:

BTW you can still try the amp if it is still working at all when you switch the switches like you should have done it before...
Then the burned resistors are not in the electric circuit and the amp should work with the 6JIs.
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