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Music Hall Ph 25.2 (Tube Hybrid) Headphone Pre Amp Impressions?

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So, I just got my hands on both the Music Hall 25.2 DAC and the PH 25.2 Tube Hybrid Headphone Pre-Amp (MSRP $400, as I've been told). Details on the PH can be found below:
The ph25.2 is tube hybrid headphone amp/pre-amp. It has 2 x buffered headphone outputs, 2 x inputs, tube pre-amp section, solid-state amp, and pre-output.

Marrying a gorgeous sounding tube pre-amp with solid-state amplification has been a technique for achieving unequaled sound quality in hi-end component audio since the advent of the transistor. While kicking around ideas for their new headphone amp Music Hall thought, why not try this same technique in a single component? They built one up and were blown away by the increased detail, clarity, and presence the design offered. The tube hybrid headphone amp was born. Hand assembled using the highest quality parts available the music hall ph25.2 will have you singing along with your favorite artists. A full featured headphone amp in a beautiful and solid chassis.

Neutrik headphone output sockets
Highly reliable 6N16B tube pre-amp section employing SRPP circuit
CD and AUX inputs
Pre-Amp output
Audiophile grade CMC RCA sockets ensure no signal loss
Special low-noise R-core power transformer
Two buffered headphone outputs incorporating superior TPA6120 opamps
Precise Alps Type 27 potentiometer with 0.5dB accuracy
Solid and substantial ½in. brushed alloy fascia
Voltage switchable
Impressions can be found in a few weeks after I break it in a bit.

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I looked at the MH. Appears to be the same as a Shanling PH300 inside.

I have the DAC 25.2 and love it! Rolled many tubes and settled on the Mullard CV2493.
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A full review of the unit is available at Unplggd! Looks like it performs pretty well!

Music Hall PH25.2 Tube Hybrid Headphone Amplifier Unplggd Test Lab | Apartment Therapy Unplugged
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It's been a month, care to make any comments on SQ?
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From the article:

"We did a much more thorough test this time through compared to last month's review. Throwing literally every genre we could think of at the PH25.2, we found almost every time, even with the crappiest encoded songs (128kb/s, we're looking at you), there was an astounding change when driven through the amp. Listening to Grizzly Bear's "Ready, Able" harmonics would take us to another world. Throwing on Pretty Lights' "Filling Up the City Skies" would bring the party to our living rooms. Watching "Once" on Blu-ray would make us feel for those poor struggling musicians.

Comparatively, we found the sound to be more spacious, especially compared to the muffled-ness we would get when plugging our headphones into the output jack of our Macbook directly. We try to stray away from all those subjective "audiophile" words as much as possible, but one can only accurately describe the end result as having a deliberate focus on vocal clarify, enunciation, and increased openness. In a nutshell, music and movies sound fantastic, creating an environment where you feel like you're constantly right there in the moment. This, from previous experiences, is not an easy feat to achieve.

One minor complaint would be the prescience of a slightly audible crackling/hiss when all of our hardware was plugged in and turned on. We looked long and hard to find the conflicting pieces in our setup, but couldn't find the source of the issue. Our best guess is that it probably has to do something with the Audioengine A2s being powered, as the hiss would immediately disappear when we unplugged it from our Pre-Out.

But aside from that, everything else was absolutely sublime. Really, really. Would we recommend it in a heartbeat? It's hard to say, given the above-average price tag for the average consumer ($399) - we know it's not for everyone out there. However, for those who are in the market for a good amp and can afford a dedicated piece of hardware to arouse their ears with, the Music Hall PH25.2 headphone amp is a great option that delivers in many fronts. Just make sure you've got some nice cans to take advantage of its greatness!"
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Hi there ekoshyun, thanks for posting a link to the write-up. I was wondering, were you able to compare this amp to any other headphone amps in the same general price range? Music Hall's products are generally pretty good imho, but this is their first foray into building a serious headphone amp, at least iirc.
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I've had my MH pre for about 6 months-second owner. Prior to buying I read the online reviews with particular attention to Stereophile. In truth, I have absolutely no complaints. Mine is modest system: Audio Research power amp (100 wpc), top shelf NAD player (7 years old)  Thiel 1.2 (second owner), Kimber & Nordost cables. Absolutely no fatigue, great soundstage, and of course with Thiel- awesome in the revealing category.  I miss a remote pre, but distance from the couch to the MH isn't great. SACDs are spine tingling--a couple of Joni Mitchell's works often makes me feel she's here on my lap.  I've considered upgrading the player, and would appreciate any replies from the site.  A pair of Thiel 1.6 will eventually replace my 1.2 model.  The 2.4 is breath taking, but would be lost in my relatively small room.




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