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Excellent photography!  What rectifier tubes are you using?  They appear to be rather thin bottles. 

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Thx to the feedback here on the forum, received my maxxed WES and unpacked it today (amazing packaging btw!).  Out of the box sounds absolutely fantastic and look forward to hearing it as it and the Stax O2's break in!



I wonder if we'll soon find out...


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wonder how this thing sounds with HE90...
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@El_Doug - 


I'm using the rectifiers that Jack sent with the unit, figuring I'd spend some time with them first. They are Russian 5Z4G's (pic attached as I'm not sure which ones).  The other tubes are the obvious ones, Shuguang Treasure 6CA7's and TJ Full Music (aka Sophia) 6SL7's.  Picked up the latter quads at Grant Fidelity as I have a volume discount there.  The last time I purchased NOS rectifiers (for a Cary SLP-05 pre) my favorite was a Mullard, really nice.  Matched pair of those wouldn't come cheaply though...




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Just a quick update for those on this thread, man is this baby sounding good.  I'm using it with a pair of O2Mk1's, Amarra Model 4 DAC and MBP17" on battery power (and a fair amount of power conditioning and tweaks in front of the WES).  Just added a couple things today and a big leap forward - a pair of NOS Mullard rectifier tubes, and a Furutech replacement fuse.  The latter is a surprisingly good tweak - I've found the same in all my equipment in my main speaker system.  Cables also made a nice improvement (firewire, XLRs).  

Anyway, in audio heaven with this setup.  Definitely looking forward to hearing the new Stax Omega flagship, I'm sure this amp will drive it well.

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Super stuff and, did Kimchi get a listen for his trouble?

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I am just fine with cats but really like the amp! congrats for the purchase.

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Originally Posted by tosehee View Post

Nice looking Kimchi.. I mean amp.. :-)

That name reminds me of "Ramen" in this rainy weather, here in Atlanta.

That packaging looks superb.. Can't be packaged much better than that!

Would love to hear your impression, well you kinda did already, but more in depth impressions. :-)


Thanks for your analysis! Nice writing.
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Just an update for folks on this thread.  After a number of months of gradually working through a variety of different tube combinations I think I've landed on what feels like a wonderful set that I'm absolutely loving!  Just magic, the goosebump making kind, with HE90's. I've come to prefer this headphone with the WES vs the Omega II Mk 1 by a healthy margin.  The tubes are as follows:

(1) NOS Mullard 5AR4 rectifiers

(2) NOS Mullard XF2 double halo EL34's

(3) NOS GE/RCA 5691 (6SL7)  (very close 2nd and better in some ways - NOS Adzam / Philips Holland 6SL7GT)

I've gone through a few different varieties of each from current production to NOS tubes.  If I were to pick a selection for the Omega II, I would select a different set (as the tubes above bring a nice full balance and liquid sound to the HE90's).

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even my girlfriend finds the woo's sexy ;-)

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My fully loaded WES is for sale :-)



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This amp is very cool and sounds great!
But...unfortunately, I have to sell mine.
Great condition, black with all the options!
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