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Woo Audio WES - Love at first sight!

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Well worth the wait! Serial #1009001 has arrived

Behold the 80 pound crate! The FedEx guy appreciated my help in lugging this into my apartment. In the future, WES's will be shipped in 2 separate crates.

Feet, feet discs, acrylic panels, and a whole mess of tubes

PSU and Amp units freshly unboxed

Kimchi, quit messing with my tubes!!!

Banished to the crate

I cannot stress enough how well this amp sounds, fresh out of the box. As of right now, it feels like a PERFECT match for the SR-Omega. So amazingly musical, such strong and controlled bass... this thing is pulling me into even the most overprocessed recordings!

Expect more in-depth impressions maybe on Sunday - I am extremely swamped with work this weekend
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How can a piece of audio equipment be so artistic looking?!?!

I want one....

Oh congrat on your purchase! I really like your cat's name
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The box is just insane!
Very nice amp indeed.
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My God, that is a BEAUTIFUL piece of equipment !! Congratulations on your new amp and thanks for the pics. I hope the weekend goes by quickly so you can enjoy it.

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Congrats on the new amp and what a huge box for the monster, nice pic and cute Kimchi.
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wow, congrats! im excited to hear your impression in the futrue.
Lovely cat u have. u named her kimchi! haha
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Looks ace. Congratulations!
Well packed in that massive crate it seems, and so nice of Kimchi to help you unbox it.

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I shudder to think what the shipping would be to England.Beautiful looking piece of kit.
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Nice looking Kimchi.. I mean amp.. :-)

That name reminds me of "Ramen" in this rainy weather, here in Atlanta.

That packaging looks superb.. Can't be packaged much better than that!

Would love to hear your impression, well you kinda did already, but more in depth impressions. :-)

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WOW, that is all I can say. That is so impressive and the upgrade tubes...
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Congrats, truly a piece of art & enjoyment all in one! Woo Audio makes great amps ^_^
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It's a beautiful amp.
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I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous........


BTW, aren't you my cousin...or sometin' ???

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Must... resist... ordering.....

Thanks for the post and pics... and congrats...

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SR-Omega is nice.. wonder how this beast sings with HE90...
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