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Asus Xonar Audio Center software

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Hi. I'm interested in getting a Xonar card, and in the manual, there is a section about the Vista exclusive audio channels option, and i would assume that it would apply for Windows 7 as well, no?

In regards to this page, it states:
This setting only appears in Windows Vista. Vista will deliver the audio channels to the audio driver according to this setting, no matter what the original audio content is or how many channels they have. Therefore, you need to set this in accordance with your audio content before you play it...
What happens if i set the audio channels option to 6 channels, and set the analogue out option to 5.1 speakers, and then play stereo? I was told that the stereo just gets up-mixed to the other speakers, but how does it get up-mixed? Does it do it using Pro Logic II, or does it just duplicate the front to the rear, or can you control how it handles stereo in 6ch mode? Clarification on this will be greatly appreciated.

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in this case, OS will be upmixing the stereo to 5.1 so no PL II.
If you change the audio channels to 2 in xonar centre, then you will get the PL II option.
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Thanks! That's cool then, that's how i prefer it. Just out of curiosity, when playing stereo, i could expect that the rear left/right speakers would just be mimicking the front left/right... but what does the center play? Left and right together?
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