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FYI, according to Bill at morningstaraudio.com,

the price is going up on these.


I only have 5 units left at the $750 price ,after they are gone the price will go up to $850 as my prices have risen on bringing them in.
Just giving you a heads up.


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Which one would you say has richer tonality, smooth sounding, less fatiguing comparing EE and Audio-Gd?

I kinda like 'denser' sound than the 'lighter' ones.  By denser doesn't mean it's heavy and warmish, but richer in the mids.

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I just pick up this DAC about a week ago.  Wow, I really like the sound.  I'm using basic Stax setup, with a Smyth Realiser.  I'm replacing my Musical Fidelity A5 CD player with this DAC.


More detail, better separation and smoother sound then the A5 in my opinion.  Voices are just crazy on this DAC, very holographic!  I'm using the USB with ripped CDs, playing from itunes.....and I only played it for 10 hours or so of listening.  This is the first component I've ever bought that didn't sound like crap brand new.  Very happy with it.



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I love mine with the Lyr.

Only drawback, and mentioned in the reviews of this, is If you use high definition (not bit-rate) music files then you have to get



Convert Your 24/96kHz USB source to Coax or Toslink and Use It with Any DAC!


here for $169 with free shipping


or similar item.


See review here: http://www.stereomojo.com/Eastern%20Electric%20MiniMax%20DAC%20Review/EasternElectricMiniMaxDACReview.htm



The only real shortcoming at this point is the limitation of the USB input to 16 bit/48 kHz resolution (and lower) material.  However, if you really want to get jiggy with computer audio, just invest in a really good high resolution USB to S/PDIF converter ...


also from same review:



We never use the phrase "highly recommended" like most others because no single product can ever be recommended for everyone, there are too many variables. however, it seems three different reviewers  have decided to buy the same product; something that has never happened before. Who should be in the market for the new EE Minimax DAC?  We supposed if you already have a megabuck DAC, you might want to hang onto it, though you could sell it and buy one of these, probably be just as happy and come out way ahead.  For a paltry $750, this is really as close to the state of the art as 99.9 % of us will probably ever need to be.  Yes, technology will march onward, and digital reproduction will continue to get better, but why worry?  This thing makes music and should keep us music lovers satisfied for some time to come! 



As for awarding the Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC our MAximum Mojo Award, that's a true no-brainer. It's also high on our list for a Product of the Year. Congrats to Bill O'Connell of Morningstar and creator Alex Yeung

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