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AMB (Ti Kan) Appreciation Thread

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I just want to express my thanks and gratitude to one of Head-fi's star members. Over the past year or so you've helped me on many occasion, and I know without your help I wouldn't have made it through. Your a great community asset, if ever you make a trip downunder I owe you a beer or two.

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x2. I owe him more than just beer
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x3. I'm generally in awe...
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+1. After all the hard work he put into my β22 I definitely owe him a beer (or ten).
Thanks a lot Ti!
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here's one for you Ti!
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Wow, thanks! I aim to please...
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one of the most helpful (n tolerant of my noob questions) guys in the forums
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I agree. I've had the chance to work with Ti in the background a few times and not only is he brilliant, but a real pleasure to collaborate with (and quite patient too).

And beyond that his own builds are beautiful. Everyone here has benefited from his work and support, even if not directly.
Dr. Cavalli gained notoriety with his first DIY amplifier projects. His success has blossomed into Cavalli Audio, a world leader in amplifier design.
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I whole heartedly agree =D
He has given me a massive quantity of help over the course of the last year or so.
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Hats off to Ti for creating one of the best headphone amps around!
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It's so nice to have someone that can provide such good support for their product. I know whenever I have emailed him or posted to the forum he always replies promptly and is very helpful.

We'll see if his patience with me lasts until my B22 build is done in six months

Thanks Ti!

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While I never had to ask Ti any questions during my 3 channel B22 build, I did, however, ask him another question via email about a slight problem I was having with with my KGSS build a few months ago. He gave his opinion, which he did gladly, even though it wasn't his amp! He answered quickly, just like others have stated. His step by step instructions on his website make building a world class amp easy and attainable for the DIY community. Thanks, Ti!
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I agree... a real asset to this (and any) forum.

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Hats off to Ti Kan for his never ending invaluable contribution, commitment and zeal to this hobby of ours.

Thanks Ti!!
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Thank You AMB!
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