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Hi, I was reading about these custom earbuds, but I couldn't find any info in this forum.
Have someone tried the Yurbuds?
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yurbuds video at CES

Revision3 > Tekzilla Daily Tip > Episode 533: CES 2010: Yurbuds are Custom Earbuds for $29 - Yurbud, Yurbuds, earbud

looks least for $29 it's worth a go! perhaps we'll see other companies follow suit for cheaper customs?! JH are you listening?!
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Yeah, I saw something on cNet a while ago. I wonder how much it would actually change/improve the sound. Seems sort of gimiky to me. It may be a better idea to put the $ towards a better set of buds/iems.
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Looks kinda cool... Like custom tips for people that don't actually wanna get customs.
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Wasn't there another company doing this a few months ago, and everyone concluded that it didn't work?
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yurtopia ™ | yurbuds ™ | products | yurbuds™

Here's what you need to get it to work with IEMs.

This is interesting.

UM56s at a fraction of the price? Who wants to try it out?
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slick deals has a 5$ off code.

$5 off Yurbuds - custom fit earbud enhancers - Forums

$5 off Yurbuds - custom fit earbud enhancers
Just saw this on a CES 2010 article. Looks like a great product. I just purchased some for my Bluetooth headset. Yurtopia yurbuds are “earbud enhancers” which fit onto standard earbud headphones (including, importantly, Apple iPod earphones) or even many Bluetooth headsets. They are designed to both help the earbuds stay in place and to channel more of the sound into your ear, allowing you to turn the volume down and still get better sound quality. You can either buy a standard size, or send in a photo of your ear (with either a quarter or Apple earbuds for size reference) to get a custom-fit set.

$5 off coupon code: CES2010
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Originally Posted by tinseljim View Post
Revision3 > Tekzilla Daily Tip > Episode 533: CES 2010: Yurbuds are Custom Earbuds for $29 - Yurbud, Yurbuds, earbud

looks least for $29 it's worth a go! perhaps we'll see other companies follow suit for cheaper customs?!
I couldn't get to the Yurbuds site, because they are using untrusted SSL, and my work laptop won't allow me to go there. But $29 is an interesting price.

Originally Posted by tinseljim View Post
JH are you listening?!
Yeah, right. A pair of JH13s uses a total of 12 proprietary drivers. Jerry was saying at RMAF "our profit margin on these isn't as high as some people might think". Because, 12 drivers plus crossovers plus labor adds up. Even on the dual driver models, I doubt that they want to cheapen their brand image by selling anything for less than $300 or so.
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I going to try these with my Atrio M5's. I have yet to find a review of them being used with high quality IEM's. But on the bright side there customer service was top notch when I inquired if they would work with the skinny stem of the Atrio M5's. There rep looked up the pic of them on the net and told me the orange adapter would work with them and emailed me back within 5 mins.

What I suspect is that they will degrade the sound quality of IEM's because they do not go far enough in your ear like IEM's do. But because of there better fit and the fact they more enclose the rest of your ear maybe just maybe that will make up for it. So honestly I will be surprised with the Atrio's have the same sound quality when using these but one can dream? If they merely maintain the same sound quality for IEM's these would be freaking awesome as I always have to adjust my Atrio's or any IEM I have used cause of movement when listening to them.

So for 25$ I'm going to take the plunge and order them this weekend. I'll post a review.
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Sounds interesting, will wait for some reviews...
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Anyone get a set? All I see on their site is ones that slip over the stock Apple buds. Nothing for IEM.

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I've got them on a pair of Sennheiser MX-450s. In stock form not brilliant, but adequate and better than stock Apple buds.


Previously, could never get them to fit and stay in my ears. Consequently the bass disappears, and you have to crank the volume up to hear. also ambient sound (e.g. public transport, which is where I wear them mostly) intrudes a lot.


Yurbuds address all these problems, with a big but.


Firstly the good. They now stay in my ears. Ambient sound is substantially reduced. Bass is back.

The big but. Sound is severely compromised. Bass is ill defined, muddy. And depending on how well you have them stuck in your ear, the bass can overwhelm. Mid-highs are peaky, highs almost non-existent.


Only got them because my ultimate ears canal phones broke, and I thought I could resurrect one of my collection of old buds. Guess I bite the bullet and replace the canal phones.


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This might be dead but I honestly like the headphones and I've had them for years and they still work which is a welcome surprise. These also work really well with exercising and are a good alternative when I dont want to take any of my dj style sets out.

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​I purchased                   Yurbuds Sport Headphones Inspire® 400



Have been using Hi Fi man  HE500 and Grado PS500 on my Geek Out V2+ that I just got. Trying all my headphones and comparing results on the DAC/Amp to my other DAC/AMPS. When I tried the Yurbuds inspire 400s was really impressed!  I did find out the Geek Out is a little too powerful even on low gain on the yurbuds so recommend a volume switch using the GOV+. Also, love these headphones plugged just into an apple I-pod for exercise and work. They do not fall out and the sound just from the I-pod is excellent 
Inspire® 400
Inspire® 400
Inspire® 400
Inspire® 400
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