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Released: Sleek Audio SA1 !!! *SA1 Discussion Thread*

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SA1 | Sleek Audio

Finally !!
Sa1 is out

PS: Nice price o.o
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Oh yeah !
Sleek audio coming out with interchangable cables soon in 2010 !!
SA1 | Sleek Audio << under specifications

Black shoes and a brown belt? Fashion faux pas. White cables with a black ipod? Even worse. But with Sleek Audio’s colored, interchangeable cables, you’ll always be able to listen in style. You can have a cable to match your mood, clothes, or MP3 player. Will be available in 2010.
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Looks very interesting, and at that price point. I was a fan of the SA6 until it didn't hold up for me (and I moved to Westone IEMs), but at this price, with the wood body, etc., I look forward to some early reviews. Haven't seen any yet. Smart for Sleek to get into this price area, because it's a very strong one in my view. Buying and selling $300+ IEMs is daunting, but in the $50-$100 range, not so much.

Apart from SQ, the main question is will the SA1s hold up over time in terms of durability. I wouldn't mind finding out.
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@Sleek staff
Is that price going to change after "pre-order" time period ?
Or is that the permanent price ?
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those look nice
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wow, very nice looking and quite a tempting price
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Whats this? We released an SA1?! haha, just kidding

The price will remain the same after the pre-order is over. The pre-order is meant to make sure that the people who really want it will get it quickly (especially since we have a lot of pre-orders internationally). First come first serve is a beautiful thing.
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Good to know, since that way there will be some reviews and anyone interested in buying a pair will not have to pay more post-reviews. Are there any plans for HF member reviews? Hint, hint.
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We don't have any plans as of right now, but we do appreciate hearing HFers opinions and suggestions on our products.
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A query from me.
Is the silicon tips for SA1 the same as SA6 ?

So for SA1's VQ system to be in place, the change of noozle is inevitable ?
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Yup, the flanges are fully compatible between the SA6 and SA1.
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No more treble tubes and bass plugs, just a nozzle change? Seems a lot more sturdy of a build. However, my SA6 problems were failing drivers, three times (unfortunately, the person who bought my pair had to endure failure #3).
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Nice find, Junliang! Looks like another one to keep my eye on...(with a price aimed squarely at the Klipsch S4, no?)

Good to hear about the nozzle size vs. the SA6, which points to the Klipsch gels still being compatible.
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Originally Posted by Andrew C View Post
Yup, the flanges are fully compatible between the SA6 and SA1.
Oh ok.
lols, from the picture itself, i thought they are going to be different..
haha, thanks for the confirmation

This is getting interesting..
I thought SA1's VQ system is going to be like SA6's, but its seem like not the case.
Which hopefully means.. SA1, SA3, SA6, SA9 is going to have unique VQ systems
Unlike other brands, which higher end models tend to "overlap" the lower end, making the lower end "not worth looking" at IMO.

Good job Sleek audio !

*Dreaming about my future sleek audio collection*
sa1,sa3,sa6,sa9,ct9 xD

Originally Posted by epithetless View Post
Nice find, Junliang!
Thanks !
I am always on a look out for Sleek Audio's Website and Sleek Audio's Head Fi premium sponsor forum ;D
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wow...these could be very promising
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