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Bugs on human brain - Page 3

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Yes...........of is pronunced like uv.

I did like MacDEF.......I read the letters out loud and caught them all.
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Originally posted by MacDEF
Counted six the first time, probably because I counted letters instead of reading the words


I just switched my brain to "recognise pattern" insteaf of "recognise letter" and looked for F shaped patterns.. the E's threw me off a little, but I counted 6 first go.

It's not a case of "you're a genius" it's just the way your brain processes things, same as that thread about abbreviated words being recognised as a whole rather than the sum of their parts.

Here's a classic illusion along the same lines;

And if you want an optical illusion that'll really mess with your brain, try This one
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Bah, these illusions keep getting me. That triangle tricked me as well at first, Snufkin. And that color thing is weird. Just looking at it normally the centers look totally different. And then you isolate the center and...weird.
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It's always fun to show people the colour cross one - they just don't believe it
"One's dark.. one's light! how can they be the same?!" hehe
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what's wrong with that picture snufkin? I don't get it
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The word one or the colour cross?

If you mean the word one, read very slowly
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i used the back and forward buttons on my browser to compare and the centers actually look different in each page. But that's my brain right? its not a hoax.
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Oh jeez, I must really be dumb ... I only counted TWO the first time!
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9 years later, humans still only see three F's.

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I counted six the first time, because when someone says "count the number of Fs," I'm automatically suspicious of the task at hand, so I'm extra careful knowing there's something I may miss.


Plus I proofread for a living (she says as she misspells words in her own posts...).

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counted 6 first time,
if I'm counting letters like that, I always read backwards, as it stops me skimming over words like of.
It's not really a test, it's just a little quirk of English that catches some people out. 

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Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post



Plus I proofread for a living


I see, now I understand why your writing style has that perfection feeling.



This test is pretty cool...


colour (Click to show)



check (Click to show)




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I counted them by looking at it backwards, got 6 the first time.
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I counted 6 the first time, But I'm not a native speaker... wonder if it may have some kind of influence over the result.

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Originally Posted by customcoco View Post

I counted 6 the first time, But I'm not a native speaker... wonder if it may have some kind of influence over the result.

Not here! I couldn´t believe my eyes when the ofs started to appear from nowhere! I knew it was a trap but fell in it anyway so weird... I didn´t even read the text just went word to word.

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